1. There's a Bewitched Marathon on one of the cable channels. I forget how I loved that show as a kid. Aunt Clara reminds me so much of myself, good hearted but a screwup. LOL
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Somehow I never pictured you as the Aunt Clara type.
  4. by   night owl
    Aunt Clara! :chuckle I had an aunt once that reminded me soooo much like aunt Clara. She had a heart of gold, but she sure was a screw up!
  5. by   Mkue
    Thanks for the reminder Tweety !
  6. by   Mkue
    Aunt Hagatha is one of my favorite charactors.
  7. by   P_RN
    Marion Lorne, bless her!

  8. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Dr. Bombay reminds me of a doc or 2 that I once worked with.....he is a regular hoot. Of course Agnes Moorehead is stellar as Mother.....she does a stunning performance on the old time radio program Suspense, the episode was titled "Sorry Wrong Number" ...but I digress......Bewitched is a great old TV show
  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    wonderful old sitcom. i miss shows like that.
  10. by   aimeee
    I liked the snoopy neighbor, Gladys.
  11. by   P_RN
    Kravitz......really nosy wasn't she?
  12. by   Spidey's mom
    I was going to name my first child "Samantha" . . . however he was a boy. I loved that show!! I wish I could twitch my nose and get whatever I wanted.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  13. by   gwenith
    Unfortunately it is not considered PC now as Samantha was "too submissive" - I still find it funny though.
  14. by   SharonH, RN
    I love Bewitched. My fave was always Uncle Arthur, he really cracks me up. Yagga-zuzzi, yagga-zuzzi, yagga-zuzzi, yaggi-zim! LOLOL!

    Oh and that reminds me, has anyone heard that there is supposed to be a movie version of Bewitched with Nicole Kidman and Jim Carrey? Perfect casting!