Betrayal of the Big Easy

  1. New Orleans may never recover, and that is a real shame:,00.html
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    I hope our country can do better when another disaster happens. Nurses have to be part of the planning.
    There is no Trauma Center in the city. Ochsner Hospital is at least 45 minutes away in Jefferson Parrish.
    More than half of the schools are still closed. Parts of the city are as desolate as the moon. Hospitals are rebuilt but can't open beds for lack of staff. There is no affordable place for the staff to live.

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  4. by   CHATSDALE
    i read part of the article and its responds, most are steeped in ignorance

    the one that made the most sense was the one which compared the bombed office building in okc, the twin towers, and the levees of new orleans, if there are been good engineering in any of those places the tragedies would have been much much less than what we had

    as for the flooding in no there was million dollars homes that were flooded and are unlivable and these people are left with suits against the insurance companies and impossible mortgage paymens, their business are wiped away and they have to start over from scratch you will not see these on cnn they like to concentrate on the shotgun houses

    as for corruption you don't know the meaning of the word. this is a louisiana speciality..for many this is the only way they know how to do business..we need a federal agency to control where the money goes i knew before the winds had stopped blowing that there were a whole slew of people who were planning how to get their hands in the mix....people of all color and economic status
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    Oh I know some honest nurses, temporarily in California from NOLA whose families are cheated by out of town unlicensed contractors. Some have actually been arrested in Kentucky and Arkansas.

    The voters actually re elected the clearly currupt William Jefferson.
    My Dad and DH are from Chicago. They know about curruption there. All of us do because it is not limited to one area of group of people.

    That does not excuse letting an American city die.
    The city that birthed our greated export, American music.
    Blues, ragtime, jazz, rock - the soundtrack of our lives was born there.

    The world over when people think of America Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley are the best known Americans.