Best thread/s to boot!

  1. since coming to this board, what is/are the best thread/s you have enjoyed reading, over and over and over?

    for me, it is the thread that allows one the chance to get to know you, some of the "silly" threads and the prayer threads to name three. once someone else start to name theirs, it will probably be the one/s i enjoyed as well. :chuckle

    what is/are yours?
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  3. by   christianRN
    I like the ones where we share our experiences, whether it be nursing, humor, or just life!! As a relatively new nurse and as a young person, I love hearing all of your stories and your perspectives!!
  4. by   live4today
    I like the same topics as you Stephany and christianRN. I prefer to keep it on the light side when I come here, so the funny threads are the best ones for most of my moods......and I have MANY! :chuckle :kiss
  5. by   Lausana
    I like the humorous one's too...I laugh so hard people think I'm nuts...because afterall, this is a Nursing site, what could be so funny ...little to do they know.

    Let's see there's so many but a few favorites that popped into my head...Lame ER Awards, Heather Vs. the turkey, Kristi2377's encounter with the garbage sack lady, Las Vegas' dating adventures...

    ...any cooking ones, I need all the tips I can get

    ...also liked one's with everyone sharing pictures of pets, kids, spouses, and family stuff

    ...probably lots more if I think about it!
    I like the joke threads; all the threads where we've shared our pics of various people, animals, and special occasions; and yes, the turkey thread rocks! I didn't mean for it to, I just wanted someone to tell me how to make a turkey! I actually thought it would fade away into oblivion with only a few responses.

    That would probably describe the best threads. The "little threads that could." The ones you were sure would go nowhere, and end up being 10 pages long!

    I find it interesting that most of our favorites are off-topic threads. I think it shows that even though we're nurses, we like to come here to take our minds away from it just as much, if not more, that to talk about it. When you get together with your best nurse buds, do you talk nursing the entire time? This is the root of why off-topic seems to be "taking over." I like it.

  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Lame ER awards, the "What freaks you out" thread on the grossest stuff, "No more visitors EVER!" and the one about the most arsinine things pt's ask you to do. Something about the quote "Fluff my pillow, scratch my butt (or was it rub my back?), *shave my crotch," will be with me forever!!