Best names for babies...........

  1. Ok, I was reading the "worst name people have named babies" thread. What are the best, cutest or most creative names you have ever had someone name a baby????
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  3. by   legsmalone
    I was in NICU for clinical rotation one day and we had a baby named James Dean, a Reese and a Cameron.
    We were very Hollywood that day
  4. by   renerian
    I named my dtr Jenniffer Rian and I just love her name! Music to my ears.

  5. by   christianRN
    I've always envied my sister's name - Summer.
  6. by   Q.
    I have names picked out for my future daughters already:

    Sophia Grace and/or Olivia Lynn

    But I've had the saddest names for children in OB:
    Pikachu? the cartoon character
    to name a few.

    A friend of mine knew a girl named Marijuana Pepsicola - but they called her Mari for short. Thank god.
  7. by   PennyLane
    I love the name Sophia! Also Olivia.

    My fav name now is Alice. I also like Emma and Emily. I like the somewhat old-fashioned sounding names that are still pretty.

    For a boy I like Jackson (Jack), and Noah. Also Aidan is very nice I think.
  8. by   emily_mom
    I love Sophia and Olivia too! I have an Emily Paige...

    If I ever get preggers again and have a girl...I'm going to name her Madeline Jean (after my mom ) I like Madison too, but since my husband and I both lived's kind of weird...

  9. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Olivia, I haven't heard that in a while, I think it is very pretty...
    I like Jaden, girl or boy....mine is Mason, so ofcourse it is my fave name for a boy... always thought if I had another boy he would be Noah....if mine was a girl he woulda been Macy.....Grace, Faith, Emily, Madison, Hannah, Gretchen, Abigail, and a fave name of an old friend (middle name) Tennille.

    I used to like McKayla, but it is WAY overused, and the same for Kaitlin.

    Boy names.... Andrew, that is all I can think of now... boy names that I like but are overused are Dalton, Dakota, Hunter, and Matthew
  10. by   subec
    If and when I have children.....

    Girl: Victoria Madeline

    Boy: Brandon David

    I also like the name Ellis for a girl
  11. by   jacolaur
    I have two boys, Micah and Eri (sounds like Eric without the c)Yes, I did find these names in a baby naming book. They both went through the "why did you name me.... " Now they are 15 and12 and the girls love love love their names...needless to say they don't complain anymore! My husband and I really love their names too and we took some slack sticking to our choices. We decided hey, they are our babies and we can name them whatever we like but, there is a line I draw. Especially if it is going to be an embarrasment to them later in life. "Marijuana" thats horrible to do to a child...geesh
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  12. by   Ortho_RN
    For a lil Girl.. I like Caitlyn, which it is used alot, but by the time I have a baby it will be an old name I love the name Olivia... Hmm do ya'll think Caitlyn Olivia would work??

    For boys... I LOVE the name Hunter.. Just not sure what to put with it.. Any ideas??
  13. by   jdomep
    I would go with
    Oliver Douglas
    Marshall Jay
    Elliot James
    Preston Lafayette (great handle huh? after my Papaw)

    Wait...those are my guys names :imbar

    Oh...If I would have had a girl Elinor Kathryn would have been her name (that's why Elliot is Elliot that's as close as I could get for a name sake for my mom - "Elinor") LOL
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  14. by   PennyLane
    Oh, I also like Isabella after my great-grandmother Isabella Cabrera (from Spain). Actually, she had about 10 names, but those were the first and last.