Best cell phone plans/deals?

  1. Hi guys, I want to get my kids cell phones. My dtr wants to buy her own, and says she can buy minutes to use it. How do you do that? Don't you need a service to be turned on to use minutes??

    My hubby and I are tied into our 2 yr deal w verizon, but I have heard there are better family plans. Would it be worth it for us to opt out of our plan and go w a family plan?

    Anyone have a good family plan, or what is the most economical way to supply your kids w cell phones so they can stay in touch, yet not have them rack up an astronomical bill? I can see my dtr easily using 4000 minutes in a week (LOL!)

    How is everyone else doing it?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I don't have a family plan. My single plan is through Sprint PCS. For 29.95 a month plus taxes, I have 2500 minutes a month. 250 min are peak minutes 7a-7p Mon thru Fri. The rest are night and weekend minutes 7p-7a m-f and after 7pm Fri thru 7a on Mon. That's the cheapest and decent serviceI've been able to find.

    The "pre-paid" phones are made by Trac-phone. I think that you can buy them at K mart or Wal Mart and you can buy more minutes at those places as well! As far as I know, you don't need a service provider to use them.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   joyflnoyz
    I've got Cingular..250 daytime minutes, 3500 night/weekend for 29.99.. LOVE IT! I use it to call and talk to my husband when I get off work every night, and call the kids on weekends when i don't have to watch the clock.
  5. by   thisnurse
    the track phones are really cheap but the prepaid minutes are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE tho i heard you can get deals on them at places like sams club
    walmart carries them and the phone cards that go with them.
  6. by   nursedawn67
    I like my Nextels
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Do you have Cricket where you are? It's pretty cool - in that you have unlimited local service and incoming from anywhere for a set amount per month. Like $39 a month, I think. You can buy long-distance minutes, as well pre-paid.

    I don't have that, because the coverage in Nashville is spotty at best. I got the VoiceStream Family plan after we'd had the Verizon service for about three or four years. My daughter and I have a "pool" of 800 minutes for "anytime" and we can talk to each other unlimited, also unlimited time on the weekends, and no long-distance and no roaming charges.

    So we're having pretty much the same service we had at Verizon, but paying less, which I like. The thing about Verizon is we had a much smaller pool of minutes, and the way they were allocated was IMPOSSIBLE to figure out!!!

    I think cellphones are the most massively useful thing in the world. People should be issued one at birth!


  8. by   Robin61970
    I also have a cricket which I use always...never go anywhere without it.......the disadvantage is checking to see which coverage areas there are in your city....also long distance here is .08 a minute.......
  9. by   nursejws
    Hubby and I used to have Sprint and we shared the minutes. Sprint was good to us, then we decided to go to AT&T. BIG, HUGE mistake. :angryfire I signed up with the plan at work, it was supposed to save us some money. BIG, HUGE, FAT lie! I'm still disputing them because we were not charged for the plan we signed up for!

    Now, we're with Voicestream. They had this family deal, so my Mom, hubby and I are on the same plan. We can call Voicestream to Voicestream, all day, any day, for any length of time and it's free. We share 800 minutes, and from 12am Friday to 12am Sunday it's free long distance. The ONLY thing I do not like is that I can barely get a signal inside my apartment, and from Denison to Durant, Ok, I do not get a signal at all.

    Never, never had that problem with Sprint.
  10. by   NurseDennie
    I didn't understand when your free time is, Jeri. Like midnight Friday night to Midnight Sunday night???

    I'm so confused. I've got VoiceStream, and the long distance is "free" all the time, but if it's not during the unlimited time (weekend) then it gets deducted from your 800 minutes. At least that's the way they explained it to me.

    There are some not-good reception areas here, too!! I was at my friend's house, and my daughter was calling me for instructions on how to get there, and the call didn't go through at all!! That's disturbing.

    Also, there are big places where I work where there is no reception. But that's to be expected, no doubt. But sometimes I get a message that I missed a call, and I was in my office (which is on an outside wall, I have a huge window, for heaven's sake!) and I also don't understand why sometimes it takes hours for the messages to show up? If the call can't get through, how can the message get through?

    Like I said, I LOVE 'em but I don't understand 'em at ALL


  11. by   nursejws
    The way I understand it is we have 800 anytime like minutes during the week, and from Friday 1201am (technically Saturday) to 1201am Sunday(technically Monday) it's free anytime(a 48hr period of time). Does this make sense?

    My Mother was so frustrated with the fact she couldn't get a signal in Oklahoma, she reconnected her other cell phone.
  12. by   NurseDennie
    Yeah - thanks Jeri! I guess it's the same plan I have. I got confused. Sorry. I had Versed for a procedure today - I probably shouldn't be operating a computer under the influence.


  13. by   joyflnoyz
    With the cingular plan with the 3500 night/weekend minutes, 9PM-->7AM M-TH, then 9 PM all day Sat/Sun. nationwide long distance at no extra charge, just your minutes. Works well for me, being in Mich, and hubby and kids in TX..
  14. by   jccarolina
    I have a US Cellular talk tracker account, I bought the phone.....(what ever kind you like,or used if they have any for cell) pay 25.00 for activation and by your minutes as you need them. I usually get 25.00 worth everyother month @ .35cents a minute. I also have nation wide roaming, call waiting and caller ID free. It's a real good plan and I'm not bound by a contract. They are talkin about lowering the cost of minutes soon too. Check it out. My sons both have one each too and they buy as they can afford. It also teaches them responsibilty and no sky high phone bills to put you in debt.