Before you purchased your computer

  1. what would you be doing on the days you come here?
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  3. by   cindyln
    cleaning my house,doing laundry,reading a book.
  4. by   jnette
    Doing a whole lot more studying !!! And EXAXTLY the reason I waited 3 yrs. to purchase one... while all my coworkers and friends were "online" and having a good-ol' time, my nose was buried in the books. I STILL didn't have a computer ! I wanted one soooooooo badly, but was determined not to get one until I was on my last academic course. I tuffed it out. Glad I did.. with a BB THIS great, it would have taken me 3 months to finish a chapter ! Last Christmas, a friend/coworker announced to us what her 4 yr. old grandson wanted from Santa...
    a "pooter and a "tooter" !!!

    Got my pooter now, and I guess when I pass the NCLEX and hit the unit floors, I'll be wanting that tooter ! :chuckle
  5. by   Grace Oz
    before i got my computer, i used to read a lot more than i do now!
    and, since joining allnurses... i'm aquiring an american accent!!:chuckle :chuckle :roll
    does that tell you anything!!:roll :roll
    cheers from "down under"
  6. by   Brownms46
    I was a lot younger, and that was almost 8yrs ago, and I worked a lot more than. Now I just work a lot smarter...!
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  7. by   Lausana
    Gosh, I don't even know...I'd probably be studying for an Abnormal Psychology test or something :chuckle

    ...but thanks to the internet (and I guess some life events too ) I started researching Nursing and made a wonderful choice...and later met all of you wonderful souls Now there's no getting rid of me.

    I will get that psych degree eventually someday... :uhoh21: Ok, it may take more than one :chuckle But then I'll get paid to pick at all your brain's...muuuhaaahahaaa
  8. by   shygirl
    Originally posted by cindyln
    cleaning my house,doing laundry,reading a book.

  9. by   Beach_RN
    I don't even remember I've had a computer for the past 8 yrs......

    Let's see.... Yup! I agree I would probably be cleaning my house or reading a trashy romance manual!
    What did I do B.C.? (before computer)

    I dunno. The house was probably cleaner, and I read more books.

  11. by   night owl
    Life before my computer is a total blurrrrrrr! I must have done something...I've often wondered if I ever got a divorce, who would get the computer??? My husband bought it...for the family! Since I use it more than he ever does, IT'LL BE MINE, MINE, MINE and that's all I want! I Love my puter and all my friends in this box! :kiss
  12. by   sunnygirl272
    my house would be imaculate,the dog would be brushed everyday, fresh sheets on th ebed every other day. all laundry would be washed, dried and ironed the same day.. there would always be hot meals on the table, and fresh cake or cookies in the kitchen...i would be doing volunteer work every day, would have read all of oprah's book club books...and i would've won the nobel prize...
  13. by   bagladyrn
    Getting more sleep - that's what tends to get shortchanged when I get online - "Oh, I'll read just one more thread before I go to sleep"
  14. by   Brownms46
    Originally posted by shygirl

    shygirl you have got to get rid of the eye problem..