Before being a nurse, what other jobs have you had?

  1. I had many different jobs prior to finding "my cup of tea", so to speak. I did some factory work, found that pretty boring and didn't like the politics involved. I wrote an advice column for teens in a Sunday School Paper. I also did promotions for an Elvis Impersonator, that was fun, got to meet some fun folks and if ya liked or still like Elvis, the scenery was great!( love that black leather!) Anyone else????
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  3. by   StaceRacer1
    The frist real job that I had was being a birthday hostess at Chuck E cheese. It was I believe one of the best jobs that a college student could have. There were games, food, tokens that you could give away to friends and kids, and always fun to have. Especially dressing up as Chuck E. Cheese. Boy, was that ever hot. The next job was a YMCA camp counselor. I loved it as well. The last non health care job I had was at a card shop. I sorted and arranged cards and items. I also had to be cashier, which I hated due to handling all the money. WOW--was that not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Needless to say I started nursing school soon after. And now I have been a RN for almost 2 years.

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  4. by   moonshadeau
    I was a shish-kabob girl/cashier/stock girl in a meat market. I decorated wedding cakes in a bakery for about a year until I realized that my boss was a pig for the health inspector to fire. Then I worked as a LNA, then moved and thought that retail was the place to be. I would do nursing any day over retail. In nursing you can at least leave the person for a while. Retail is slave labor. Then I worked as a admin. assistant while I went to school. Then my degree. I am not planning on changing any time soon. I have found my niche.
  5. by   dragonLPN
    I did so many things I can't remember them all. lol
    I was a cashier at Kroger, worked for the liqour commission in WV, did a short stint at a 7-11 as cashier (yuk!), and a nursing assistant at a hospital before "doing time" in nursing school. lol Now, I am a nurse for one of the local schools...( know, immortal 11 and 12 th graders and lots of heavy equipment).

    Phil (DragonLPN)
  6. by   TracyRN
    Let's see... bank teller: got fired but I'm sure there are folks out there that still remember my inadvertent generosity. Moving right along... Manager of a motel: chain went out of business... Waitress... did you know that you get better tips if you have a Southern accent? Sometimes I fantasize about going back to waitressing where the worst you can do is drop cole slaw on somebody (yes, I actually did do that!).
  7. by   Agnus
    Let see I doubt I'll list every thing (it cover 30 years) but here goes: nuses aide, home health aide, hotel maid, financial planner (investment securities), sales, electronics technician, Army 12 years, sewing instructor, truck driver, newspaper carrier, schoobus driver, farm worker, foodservice worker, medical assistant, medical receptionist, phlebotomist, specimen processer for a medical lab, supply clerk, administrative assistant, ok I think that is enough.

    Ask me what I liked best. One was selling Hawaiian floweres at a state fair (temporary) the fragrance was heaven and I had fun enticing people to buy, and NURSING.
  8. by   hoolahan
    Great thread. Well I graduated nursing school, ADN when I was 19, so not much history, but I did work from age 15 on.

    First job: Short order cook/waitress/Ice Cream Server at a combo deli/ice/cream stand little restaurant. All the cute guys from school would try to get me to give them free ice creams, but I was so afraid of my boss, I never would!! Ironically, the IRS closed the place down one day, and the next we were out of jobs.

    Second job: Waitress in a deli/restaurant. Place was small, but clientelle were a little too hoity toity for my tastes, so I moved on to my favorite job...

    Fav Job: Clerk in a Flower Shop. Got to put fresh flowers in my hair every day, play with flowers. ON Prom nights, I got to stay late with the college girls and made boutineers. Xmas, same thing, except they would have me making wreaths, and they also taught me the standard FTD bouquet for each Holiday, and I would help mass-produce them. Great boss and great people to work for, also had a greenhouse on the other side, so I could buy lots of plants at discount.

    In nursing school, worked as a home health aide, but I only had one case.
  9. by   Dayannight
    The first job I had was working behind the counter in a donut shop. I was very young, shy, and easily intimidated, and the boss was a hot-headed tyrant. After three days of being yelled at I quit. Then I took some classes at the local college and got a job as a secretary/receptionist in the district office of a U.S. Congressman. Very eye-opening experience. After about 2 years there, I married and quit my job shortly before our first child was born. Raised babies for the next ten years, and was a La Leche Leader for nearly all that time. Then I took a CNA class, got a job at the local hospital, and knew that I was going to be a nurse. (Too bad it took me so long!) I'm now an LVN working at that same hospital on the med/surg floors and plan to become an RN.
  10. by   leesonlpn
    Hmmm..first job, 14 yrs old, car-hop at dog and suds. Everything was 25 cents.Made $2.80 p/hr. Spilt 25 milkshakes on hot pavement while carrying them to a baseball team.I warned my boss not to make me carry to trays at once. Made bifold doors, worked at a gas station and had a habit of forgetting to replace gas caps. Had a nice collection by the end of the day. Made the guy with a corvette mad.He came back (Luckily on my day off) to get me to wash his car.Worked as an assistant manager for Reitmans, and cleared $400 p/month in 1975. Then one day Florence nightingale appeared to me. I still remember the vision. She was sitting on a bench spit polishing her lamp, and she said to me,"Hey girl, you gotta get out of this place,.if it's the last thing you every do-oo-,You gotta get out of this place, girl there's a better life for me and you".We chatted a bit,She let me hold her lamp, I thought it was nifty, so I went into nursing in a jiffy.Twenty years later I still think it's spiffy, The rest is history.ta da
  11. by   tiger
    when i was in high school i worked at a factory part time then started working as a nursing asst. until i became an lpn. j
  12. by   mustangsheba
    I'm trying to remember: Babysitter age 11. Then waitress (the hardest job), police dispatcher, secretary, medical secretary (several employers), real estate sales, LPN, RN. Doesn't look like much in print, does it?I have entertained thoughts of being a long haul truck driver on some of those nights from hell we all know and dread.
  13. by   prmenrs
    I baby-sat starting at 12y/o and continuing thru college and nursing school; after high school, I also: was a telemarketer (not for long, I don't think these people were legit), then I worked in the East-West Center Cafeteria at the University of Hawaii, then in nursing school, I worked as a ward clerk @ the hospital. That's it!
  14. by   AppyHorseFan
    Well, let's see...first REAL paying job was at a fried chicken place. I was guaranteed one weekend night weekend that didn't happen, and as a young teen, I quit!! Then I went to work at an insurance agency part-time while finishing up my Sr. year in high school and loved my job/boss/co-worker. I did baby-sitting during my high school years also. When just starting out in college, got a job with another insurance agency...but after being on the job for less than a week, the man tried to pin me against the filing cabinet...I got away, grabbed my purse and didn't look back once. Then I went to work for a costume jewelry store in the mall. Worked in accounting for an auto-parts store, then found another insurance agent. Worked in insurance off and on for about 15 years, until I had a major BURN-OUT!!! Then found a large corporation where I started at the ground floor as telephone operator/receptionist then moved to the file room. I then got pregnant and didn't go back. Found another insurance agent and worked for 4 years. Then the BEST job I've had thus far, fell in my lap after moving AGAIN. I went to work for a DME that did specialized wheelchairs and rehab equipment. Started as a one week temp (while girl was on vacation) and ended up staying for 2 years until I moved again. Now, I've been Micro lab assistant, peer tutor, and home typing while attending school. NEXT job...NURSE!!!!!!!!