1. Beer is Good for You
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    LOL!!! I had to send that to my dad and brother!!!
  4. by   frannybee
    I love it, but there's a sad side to it. The woman at the start is a prostitute and drug addict - that picture is one of about 14 in a series showing her descent into drug addiction and rough living. She was a beautiful girl once, but every time she was arrested you could see how far down she'd gone. I wish I could find the URL of the site with the series of pics on it.

    Sorry to bring the tone down....I just feel awful for her
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  6. by   emily_mom tells me 'site not found'

    That second site is just nasty.....eesh.... Will have to save that for my hubby...tell him that's what sex does to ya...
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    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    Beer is Good for You
    Darn got a "can't find page"!
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    As of this date, the women would be 56 years old.. The woman's last recorded local arrest was in 1989. While we do not know her current fate, the Hollywood Police Department hopes that she has found better fortune during the past 12 years
    If she would have been 56 last year, and the last picture was taken 12 years previous, she was only 44 in the last pic. Somehow I doubt she has found better fortune.
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    Originally posted by greer128
    Darn got a "can't find page"!
    me too
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    Sorry!!! dunno why....