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  2. My heart is broken. Hubby and I went shopping for a new bedroom set. What we have now is wood that is either very dark,(which I hate), or very light. It looks stupid!

    We found this one set by Crescent made in Tennessee. Beautiful. For the set it costs 7 thousand dollars. I want to take out a loan. Hubby says "No". In two years, we'll have the truck paid for and my student loans will all be paid back. Should I wait two years or get a cheaper set now?

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  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Hmmmm that's a hard one!
    how much of a strain would it be financially to come up with the monthly payments?
    I have a bedroom set on layaway from the antique shop... it was about a third of the price of what you are looking at but still such a crunch!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    my personal opinion is to wait until you get the money to have the bedroom set you love. if you get the "cheaper one", you will not be satisfied and you would have spent extra money for something you could have used on your new set. by the way, i like your taste.
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  6. by   Beach_RN
    Shygirl... I sent you a private message! Check it out!

  7. by   live4today
    I second what Stephany says, shygirl! I's hard to wait for something we want NOW...but in the long run, I think you and your hubby will be glad you did. DEBT can ruin...and has ruined...plenty a relationships, so since your hubby and you cannot agree on this......better not to go into that much debt over something "material" than to cause your marriage to suffer.

    It's a very nice bedroom set, but I've seen them around for at least 30 years of my life, so that set will be there for you in a couple years, too. :kiss
    I would wait. Why put money into anything if you think that in a year or two you could get the real deal? Pay off the truck and student loans, then go get that baby!

    You know, for $7,000, it's gotta be good quality. We're talking, never gonna buy another bedroom set, and when we're dead it'll be inherited by the kid type furniture. Have you played up this point with the hubby yet?

    It's beautiful!

  9. by   misti_z
    That is beautiful, but $7000......ouch. I would wait until you get out of some debt first, 'cause that gonna set you back some!!!
    My new bedroom suit gets delivered tomorrow. Its a little simple, which fits us just fine! Heres a pic:
  10. by   shygirl
    Misti, it's beautiful. Can I ask how much it costs?
  11. by   GPatty
    I'd wait.
    My hubby and I have his grandmothers bedroom suite. Had to travel to Kentucky to get it, and it shows the age, but it's still beautiful to us!
  12. by   moonchild20002000
    I think I would wait on the set.
    I think for that amount of money you and your hubby need to be in agreement.
    Have you considered looking for an antique set that may need to be refinished?
  13. by   cargal
    Is there any way you can get it cheaper? Try looking online, Highpoint , NC has a lot of sites where you can buy factory direct. I would save and wait, but don't ever give up , it's gorgeous!
  14. by   Mkue
    Ouch !! 7,000 $$.. we discovered that the mattresses are the costly parts when we purchased ours. If the mattress is causing you problems I would definately get a better mattress at this time and purchase the rest later. Just a thought.
  15. by   misti_z
    Originally posted by shygirl
    Misti, it's beautiful. Can I ask how much it costs?
    The dresser & mirror, manschest, and two nightstands for $1600. Cheaper but still very good quality. Purchased from Rooms to Go. The price is what won us over.