bed stuff..

  1. knew i would get some attention with that title....

    i have a "too-pid" question for my classier allnurses buds...

    please clarify:
    WTF is the difference between the following:
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  3. by   shygirl
    QUILT: Something your Grandmother might of made. It is generally stitched together.

    COMFORTER: Is usually "chubby" , reversable, filled with polyester or down.

    DUVET: Is like a big pillowcase for your comforter. It has buttons to close it. Comes in a variety of fabrics and prices.

    COVERLET: a thin decorative cover for the bottom half of your bed (usually). Picture an old fashioned bed with a knitted huge doily over it.

  4. by   sunnygirl272

    i knew there was a difference, but was clueless as to what it looking for a new....ummm...either a quilt or a comforter...hopefully for chrsitmas....
    now i know what i am looking for!!
  5. by   adrienurse
    I thought that a duvet is a comforter that requires a cover (a duvet cover). Some people just sleep with this and no sheet in between (I think it's a sweedish thing or something).
  6. by   jnette
    You're right, Adrien .

    Most comforters have covers, big pillowcases with buttons. Still have several from when I was growing up.. my Mom's and even Grandmother's.

    These are used almost exclusively in Europe..especially Germany, Austria, etc. where they are known as "featherbeds" because they're all filled with down. BIG and sheet between the bedsheet and comforter. In the mornings as you walk down the narrow cobblestone streets, you see all the windows flung wide open and all the comforters , and even pillows hanging out the windows to "air out"... before they are returned to the beds.
    That gives them a really great fresh air smell......ah, memories...
  7. by   aus nurse
    We call them doonas here...big feather or polyester filled quilt with a cover..known as a doona cover funnily enough Zips,press studs or buttons to close. Some do and some don't use a sheet between.
  8. by   shygirl
    Check out this site Sunnygirl for all your answers. They have such nice things!

  9. by   adrienurse
    Ummm! Gotta get me one of them featherbeds. I'm a tummy sleeper. Would be heaven.
  10. by   semstr
    Yes, Jnette, that's what I do everyday!
    We even got thicker ones, with feathers plus goosedown (sp?) for the cold, very cold winternights here.