Beauty tips...Biore strips

  1. Anyone using these?? They are great !!
    You will have the smoothest skin you ever had. You put the strip on your face , around nose, on chin, between eyebrows, etc, leave 20 minutes, and pull off
    All kinds of pore gunk comes off too.
    Especially good for oily skin.
    $10 for a box of 16, I think. I used the 1st box in 2 days...

    I hope you all will give them a try...I was amazed !

    Anyone else got a good tip.......?

    This staying beautiful and fresh business is time-consuming!!

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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    A sauna with a good cold soak afterward does wonders.
    So does drinking lots of water.
    (I'm in the process of building a sauna (actually I'm just designing it now).
    I'm also getting ready to build a big pond to dive in after the sauna.
    It will be so cool. Anyone up for it?
  4. by   unbridled
    Sounds good to me; but I'm too claustrophobic to get in a small sauna - unless it had a window. And since most don't, I like to soak in a hot tub and then plunge into a pool. Then back in the hot tub and back in the pool, ad infinitum. Until I'm one big prune. OK, that's it. I'm off to the hot tub.
  5. by   ton
    Just go swimming!
  6. by   adrienurse
    Never thought that the biore strips did much for me. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate.
  7. by   nursenoelle
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    Never thought that the biore strips did much for me. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate.
    Here here! Try putting a little baking soda in you shower gel on a cotton washcloth. Works better than any commercialy available scrub. If I invest in scrub, it's GURU from philosophy.
  8. by   BadBird
    I will try them since I am sitting here with a huge zit, it looks like I have 3 eyes!!! Of course since I start a new weekend job this week and have to get a new photo id I would grow a big o zit, I haven't had one in years but I got it now.
  9. by   CashewLPN
    Guru is awesome!!! (I love that stuff.... so expensive though...)
    I use it pre-wax or pre-shave... it just makes everything so nice...
    or, I make scrub....
    basically, I combine body wash and kosher salt.... lots of salt...and, its not unlike guru... and... it washes off completely... no leftover grit
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I just exfoliate with a soft washcloth and noxema. has worked for YEARS now......

    and it smells so good to me.

    Never considered buying strips to do the job.
  11. by   kimmicoobug
    Good tips, guys! I don't do anything significant for my skin and now that I am in my mid twenties, I feel that I need to start taking better care. Never would have thought to use baking soda with my shower gel.