Beatlemania In The Ny Metro Area-a Blast From The Past!

  1. This weekend I made my yearly pilgrimage to the Fest for Beatle Fans in order to get a recharge on my long since gone youth... as usual I had a blast, have been going for the past few years and every time I feel like I get a good jolt of energy by the time it's over...there is no real average age of Beatle fans, grand parents bring their grandchildren, baby boomers, gen x'ers, familiar faces over the years pop up and everyone just let's their hair hang down, music and exhibits, make your own CD's, or video karokee, jam sessions, dancing, a Beatlemarket (of course) auctions, contests - sound a-like, look a-like, battle of the Beatle bands, special guests...this year Pete Best was there, last year Donnovan, well I was wondrin'...


    This year celebrates the Fab-40 of the Fab-4 here in the states, I was 9 in "64 and an Elvis fan (since I was one, I've been told), and my first Beatle album purchased on my own (my Dad drove me to this huge record store) was the Beatles second album with "She Loves You", collected Beatle trading cards, watched them on Ed Sullivan, never saw them in person, had the fanzines, had a garage band named Apple Corp, liked Paul but loved Ringo (found out this weekend that Ringo was the only Beatle that knew how to dance...gotta love drummers)
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  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Loved the Beatles. Supported myself through college playing in a Fab Four cover band in NJ.

    Just saw the Mahoney Brothers (Beatles tribute band) in Atlantic City last month. Superb! They played live, sounded like them, looked / dressed like them and even used similar instruments. (Additional little tidbit: The Paul character also played a lefty Hofner violin bass.) Truly amazing and highly recommended if they visit your area! It was like being at a freakin' Beatles concert! I can't fully express how great it was! We were around 10 rows back -- super seats and acoustics!

    Oh, forgot -- did I mention it was truly fabulous?!?!
  4. by   PennyLane
    Although I'm too young to have known the Beatles when they were still together, I grew up with their music and to this day they are my #1 favorite band. I have a sister who's 11 years older and I remember spending lazy afternoons in her room listening to all her "cool" albums, including the Beatles and many others.
  5. by   Wolfpax
    Mel - there was a band in the battle of the bands called Chin Music, the oldest member was 11, he was not even a gleam in his daddy's eye when the Beatles were around...It's neat to see their appeal across the generations (OK, I didn't mean to make myself sound old)

    Larry - Cool, I'm definately going to look for the Mahoney Brothers!
    One of my favorite instruments was my Hofner knockoff I had as a kid that was ruined from water damage... even now I can't afford a real Hofner, but the violin bass put out by Epiphone sounds decent (once I fix a few things in the moneypit I live in)... I really miss the old band days but I live vicariously through concerts and things like this past weekend... there was a really neat look alike and sound alike band came up from Chicago called Nation Divided, they were good but they did early Beatles, the group from Jersey called Magical Mystical Band did more elaborate stuff from the psychedelic period, and nailed it. What do you play ?
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from Wolfpax
    ... Larry - Cool, I'm definately going to look for the Mahoney Brothers!... What do you play?
    Think they're from PA. For sure, don't miss them if they come your way. They've invested in the clothes, wigs, vocal nuances, stage patter, etc. of the Beatles and have included many details in their show which you'll pick up on and love.

    The "Paul" and "John" personas were dead-on singing, and pretty close looks-wise to the real ones. What also blew me away was that they play all the music themselves... no added tapes or pre-recorded enhancements.

    There's also two large video screens (on each side of the stage) which are used to televise the performance for a super effect. They combine footage of the Beatles and then it seamlessly transforms into their own (in vintage black and white, of course).

    BTW, their material covers all phases of the Beatles' discography -- Early Fab Four through "Get Back" on the rooftop -- with outfit changes throughout! Amazing feelings came over me sitting there and taking it all in!

    And what's best: the tickets weren't expensive. We saw them at the Taj in AC. You'll be stoked / energized when you walk out of the show.


    I play guitar, bass, some keyboard and sing. Also enjoy recording in my mini-studio upstairs.

    Huge Beatles' Fan (as I'm positive it's obvious).
  7. by   RN~in~CT
    Oh, I LOVE the Beatles....esp their earlier stuff! I am a HUGE John Lennon fan. Though I was too young to see them perform when they were together, I did get to see Paul when he toured this past year (or was that 2 yrs ago)?? My how time flies... anyhow, GREAT show.