Barking Dogs

  1. Anyone know what, if anything can be done about a neighbor's barking dog? We are going to make a friendly complaint. But our neighbors dog begins barking nonstop usually about 3pm. I'm not ready to get up then. Today he barked all day and I'm working back to back 3 12-hour shifts and am so incredibly tired.

    Just venting. But aren't there laws about this?
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    AAaarrrgh ! I hear ya! I work nights too, and mostly our neighborhood is nice n' quiet===

    but when our neighbor across the street moved in with her two dogs, it took a couple weeks for them to calm down== I used earplugs....
    Good luck!
  4. by   Pretzlgl
    I would start by politely speaking with your neighbor and explaining that you are a day sleeper. I own 2 dogs, one of which would be a barker if I let him. I call him in immediately when he starts to bark - and won't let him out til he calms down. If the neighbor won't do anything, check with your local animal control. There are regulations regarding barking dogs.
  5. by   renerian
    Here in Ohio we have laws that if the dog does not stop barking the owners get fined. Call the cops.

  6. by   2ndCareerRN
    I had a problem with barking dogs next door to me. Their deck is high enough for the dogs to see over the fence. So, anytime my wife and I went out our back door the dogs would bark.

    Talking to the neighbors did no good, they are seldom home, so, when they started to bark, I would pelt them with small rocks. Only took about a week and now they just look at us and don't bark.

  7. by   Ortho_RN
    I think you should call animal control before you start throwing rocks at someone elses animal... In many states that is animal abuse... I think the rocks are a lil extreme..

    But my dogs are pretty good about not barking one of them the lab barks every now and then and all I have to do is open the back door and she runs in her dog house.. And my Rottweiler ONLY barks when something is in the yard...
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    Wonder why the dog starts barking? Maybe the owner is not taking care of it's needs? Probably hungry? Usually there is a reason for a dog to start barking...
    Hey 3rd shift guy, If you get some blinds to block out most of the light coming in the room and get a fan, a nice LOUD one! The constant humming will help to block out all other background noise and you'll be able to sleep!
  9. by   Heather333
    I work nights too (and so does my DH) and the dog next door barks constantly. My hubby and I have both mentioned something to the neighbors about it but nothing has been done. I told them that even though when they are at work, they are still responsible for their dog. I asked if they could put him inside during they day. They said no because he chews up everything. I told them to by a kennel. They have a week to figure out what to do or I am calling animal control.

  10. by   Rustyhammer
    Sorry, but the dog HAS to go.
    Talk to the owners and tell them that the dog barking has GOT to stop.
    If he continues to bark then take care of the problem yourself.
    Don't call the cops. Cops are worthless. They will come and tell them to stop again and again and yet the dog still barks.
    You shouldn't even be asking us. The problem should be resolved by the time you read this.
  11. by   night owl
    My neighbors are from the back hills of Tennessee...I swear. They have three big dogs and they bark at the freakin wind. After awhile I don't even hear them. It's when I'm awake I can't stand it. Makes you want to go buy some chop meat, make little meatballs and stuff them with rat poison! But I love dogs and I couldn't do it. The owners are just too ignorant to tell them to shut up and they will if you tell them, but you have to tell them. So I open my window and I tell them to.....Shut the h*ll up and they do! Then I hear the owner say, "Awww I don't pay her no attention." and I tell him, "No, but your dogs do and that's all that matters!"
  12. by   fulwood
    I am sure dog is barking cos' it's bored out of its mind poor thing. Sure owners dont' pay any attention to it. Dogs usually don't bark unless there's reason. Sure dog is barking so it can get any kind of attention. Yes there are nuisance laws concerning barking dogs. It's darned owners who are problem though.. Definitley speak to them and if that doesn't work call animal control.
  13. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Try the reasonable approach and talk w/the neighbors. Unless they are openly hostile, you should always attempt to work things out. After all, you HAVE TO LIVE BY THEM, don't you? If this does not work, start making calls to the police and animal control. MOST cities DO have laws regarding noise and barking dogs are not an exception. In extreme cases, folks have had to go to court to have things resolved. Unfortunate all the way around...the dog is neglected, obviously. The neighbor should NOT have an animal...too bad no one can stop ignoramuses from getting them. why do so many use dogs as "yard ornaments" anyhow? UGH!

    Anyhow, like I said, you are NEIGHBORS, you have to live there, in close try the reasonable approach first...and go from there.
  14. by   nursegoodguy
    We had a neighbor in this small town we lived in and they had two dogs that they neglected! When my roommate would change our dogs water he'd shoot the hose over the privacy fence into their bowls so they could get a drink.
    To make it all worse the dog had pups... they'd come through a hole in the fence to get a drink and eat the previous nights food our dogs turned their noses up at... One by one they all died including the parent dogs... we could see them through the privacy fence laying there in the yard, dead. Several weeks later they were cleaning the back yard and had a fire in a barrel going where they burned the remains... I know, I know... call the police or animal protective services... these same people were shooting off their guns in the 4th at night from the back yard! They had several parties where the neighborhood was taken over by their puking friends and the old lady across from them did call the police and the cops showed up and told them who it was that was complaining! Probably they gave the cop a beer or two... I'm just glad to be gone from there!