Banning mobile phones in Public places

  1. Mobile camera phones - Banning their use in some public areas

    Some Australian states are talking about this what do you think? Please read this through to find out why

    A number of our states in Australia are going to introduce laws banning mobile camera phone - There is real concern that these phone will be used for pornographic photos of unsuspecting people especially children
    In Australia almost all children are taught to swim (drowning is unfortunately frequently an occurrence in summer- as we are surrounded by sea and many homes have their own pools) (we don't)

    Anyway as the mobile phones have gone very high tech they can now transport photos straight onto the web

    This is a quote (in part from today's Sun - a local paper from Melbourne)

    Wed 11th June 03
    Privacy laws will be reviewed amid fears new mobile phone cameras could be used to photograph people in public change rooms
    The YMCA has banned all mobile phones from change rooms at its 110 Victorian sports and aquatic centres
    Attorney- General Robert Hulls yesterday said it was important to ensure laws were kept up to date with new and emerging technology
    He went on to say - I think everyone would agree that it is totally inappropriate for a person for their own gratification to be taking photos of another person in a change room
    Also - The Royal Life Saving Society of Australia has suggested mobile phones be banned at more than 3000 public swimming pools.

    The discussion l would like to ask is are any of your states/ countries also considering this and should they

    I personally think that it is good thing to protect our children - I can remember when going with a gaggle of children for school swimming lessons they all then charge into the change rooms and there would be lots of girls running around without clothing and or part thee of whist trying to find bits of clothing (there would only be so many parents go to swimming) - - Innocence -

    Now if some one was so inclined photos can be taken in public places including beaches where children with their parents are simply drying off and people could be taking photos to be used inappropriately. Unfortunately recently there were photos of young boys from a rowing team put up on a pornographic site - This came out as part of an investigation

    In our lifestyle over here we have many people especially youngsters who grow up on the beach and in swimming pools. Now sadly technology is threatening this at least our state governments are taking steps to try and make people aware and enforce people not using mobile camera phones in a criminal way.

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  3. by   gwenith
    I can see it coming where publishing of a photo without the person's permission will be banned. We are already seeing a lot of celebrities losing patience with the intrusion into thier daily lives. This may end up beign formalised in law.
  4. by   twarlik
    I believe I read somewhere that some gyms in the U.S. were considering a ban on camera phones in their locker rooms. Don't know what ever came of it, but I don't think that it's unreasonable. I personally would not want someone taking pictures of me while I change in the locker room. I'm sure plenty of people feel the same way.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    too many voyeurs and pervs i say a law like this would be good.
  6. by   passing thru
    It's mind-boogling !

    The endless possibilities....for abuse of technology. How soon will we read of the phone manufacturer or phone company
    being sued over illegal pictures?

    So far, my pet technological peeve is the men who I hear "calling home" to confirm they are buying the correct kind of tomatoes.

    Make a decision !! How can someone live with - - -respect
    someone like that??

    Are you guys (and you ladies' spouses) REALLY
    so scared you're gonna get an arse-chewing
    that you actually feel that
    you must call home to verify (hands trembling) your selection?
  7. by   Tilleycs
    I don't have a problem with cell phones per se, I just wish there was a way that IDIOTS weren't allowed to have them (or at least use them in public). Laws like that may be necessary, but I still believe, "You can't legislate stupidity."
  8. by   Ted
    I JUST invested a small chunck of change on two cell phones. One for my loving wife and one for me.

    I want to use them. In public, even!

    On the other hand, I HATE it when those stupid phones ring in public places like theaters, restaurants, places of worship, etc.

    New York state has restricted its use in cars. Can only be used if using "hands off" gear (head set, etc.)

    Did I say I JUST invested money in cell phones?!?!? Including spending money on "hands off" gear so that I can talk to my loving wife ("The-one-who-must-be-obeyed"!. . . thanks Don!), while driving to the grocery store, as she makes sure that I remember to purchase "female pads".

    A ban on cell phones in public places???


    Another stupid law to ensure proper cell-phone etiquette??

    Yes. Especially in places like movie theaters, restaurants and public bathrooms.

    Just my $89.00 worth. . . .

  9. by   H ynnoD
    I have'nt heard anything like That here in California.I turn my Cell Phone off in certain places out of respect for others.I think having a camera Phone would be cool but not so I could invade someones elses privacy.Like the death of Common sence.I see here the death of common decency in the use of something good,for something wrong.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ok, not a ban in public places (although cell phones ringin all over in fine restaurants and theatres makes ME CRAZY ANGRY), but in places like locker rooms? Well, sure, why not, if they have capability to take video, they DO NOT belong THERE!!!!! I don't care if someone feels their rights are infringed; that's a nobrainer. Want to see yourself fully exposed in your fitness center locker room ONLINE at some peepsite some day?

    Have you seen what these phones can do? YOU CAN BE FILMED without even knowing it--- one of our doctors showed us how easy it is; that makes me rather uneasy, frankly. i value my privacy a lot more than that.

    They did just pass an upskirt law here in WA I believe, too bad they have to pass more and more laws to legislate what ought to be considered human decency in the first darn place.
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  11. by   Tweety
    People in the middle of a classroom auditorium whose phone goes off, AFTER we've been asked to turn them off should be fined, their fines should be greater than those sitting in the aisles.

    Actually, people do take pictures of people changing in the gym, and even at urinals. I've seen them on a website sent to me by a friend who enjoys that kind of stuff. I was horrified at the total linvasion of of privacy. Lots of pervs out there, including people I know apparently. Cameras are just too small nowadays. Banning them in public places though kind of defeats the purpose of a cell phone, don't know what the answer is.

    I've decided that when I shower at the gym to put on a show just in case there is a camera in that gym back in the corner.
  12. by   Mkue
    I don't know if Ohio is doing anything but I agree that laws should be enforced to protect the innocent and punish the criminals. I especially detest exploitation of children, that really gets my dander up.
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  13. by   BadBird
    If we are going to be ridiclious how about banning :
    -Ugly People so my eyes don't hurt
    -Smokers so I dont breathe second
    hand smoke.
    -crying babies, leave them in the
    car so my ears don't hurt
    -Fat women wearing spandex, just
    say NO !!!!!!!!!
    -Bald men with 2 hairs wrapped
    around their heads, Say NO to
    comb overs !!!
  14. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by BadBird
    If we are going to be ridiclious how about banning :
    -Ugly People so my eyes don't hurt
    -Smokers so I dont breathe second
    hand smoke.
    -crying babies, leave them in the
    car so my ears don't hurt
    -Fat women wearing spandex, just
    say NO !!!!!!!!!
    -Bald men with 2 hairs wrapped
    around their heads, Say NO to
    comb overs !!!
    Black socks with sandles....criminal!