Bank Debit card? Credit Card Debit Card? Which is best?

  1. Is your bank debit card the same card as you use for the ATM? Is it also your banks' credit card? I use 2 banks and one credit union. ((Not that I have much $$$, one bank is for their travel club membership, one is for their 5 year CD I purchased 4 years ago, and the Credit Union is for their cheap safe deposit box.))

    Yesterday, I called for info about their debit cards. It is a little confusing. That's why I don't use one I guess. I hate reading "the small print" and doing anything that makes my life complicated and adds stress. The last damned ATM card I had, the machine ate it twice so I didn't bother to ask for another one. Anyhoo, I want to do away with this checkwriting - if they aren't going to send the checks back to me - and save that hour or two every week -
    If you have five minutes to give me a quick description of which debit card you use and why? (It's benefits) I'd appreciate it.
    I know one of my credit cards encourages me to use their card as a debit card...I will look into those and see what their charges are. But I don't want to use anything associated with a Credit Card Company. I plan to use a bank card. (this is probably simpler that I am presently thinking)

    I have a steep learning curve. Thanks.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    I use a VISA debit card obtained through my bank. It is strictly a debit card, NOT a credit card, so whatever I use it for comes directly from my checking account - no interest, no monthly bill. The advantage to this over a regular bank ATM is that I can walk into a store/motel/etc. in any state and it is accepted same as a VISA. I can also use it to make reservations and purchases online or by phone. The disadvantage of this is that unlike a credit card you don"t have the same protection in cases of defective/disputed purchases as with a credit card.
  4. by   Beach_RN
    We have 2 seperate checking accounts, one for misc stuff,and bills that we pay quarterly or annually, and another for monthy expenses! Anyhow, we have Visa Debit cards for both accounts, We use them at the ATM machines as well as to pay for purchases we make, either at department stores, supermarket, gas stations, etc. The money come right out of our checking accounts. it's just simpler than writing a check. and we can also keep track of our monthy expenses and incorporate them into our budget,,,

    We have our budget set up on Microsoft money and I download our checking account information on a monthly basis into the program... it tells us if we are within our budget or where we went over!

    The only time I would not use the debit card is if I was making an expensive electronic, appliance, jewelery purchase or vacation trip. I would then use my regular credit card just to have the protection that comes with it. and then pay off the balance at the end of the month.