Bad neighbors!

  1. Hello all!

    I'm just gonna go ahead and vent here. I always feel better when I do, and maybe some of you guys can relate.

    I live in a somewhat low-income neighborhood, in an apartment complex. I live on the top floor with my husband, my 2 1/2 year old son, and my 11 month old daughter who is just beginning to walk.

    This neighborhood SUCKS. (Hope i can say that here, but let me know if I can't.) I have this neighbor that lives kitty corner downstairs from me, and he is so loud that I wonder how I will ever be able to study once I start school. He has a horrible, noisy smoker's cough and YELLS all the time. He throws parties and plays 80's music every weekend. He doesn't have a job. I can't stand this guy, I've complained about him a couple times, but he seems to have toned down, so I deal with him.

    Another neighbor I can't stand is a very overweight lady who lives acorss the street. She thought my husband was driving too fast, so she followed him to our apartment and blocked him into our parking space with her car. She and my husband got into a shouting match, and the woman went inside her apartment and complained about us. The manager came storming over, refused to hear our side of the story, and advised us that we were violating our rental agreement by driving too fast. I told her to F--- off, at which point she became pretty upset but went back to her office without further incident.

    Problem A: Obviously the manager and I do not get along.
    Problem B: New neighbors move in to replace the old neighbors downstairs, whom we were friends with and got along with well. New neighbors are trashy, noisy, and consistently park over the line of their parking space so that we have no room. Neighbores immediatly befriend neighbors who live kitty corner from us. Downstairs neighbors go to annoying neighbor's parties and barbeque with him. The whole group take a disliking to me and soon the d.s. neighbors send their 6 year old daughter up to complain about my 2 year old son running around in our apartment. They think he is too noisy. I told the girl I would try to keep it down.

    So basically things got worse from there, and the d.s. neighbors and I basically exchanged a few glares, but things seemed okay. Then today, the brat downstairs was making nasty faces at me, so I glared back at her, at which point she told her mommy (who is 7-8 months pregnant and smokes like a 4 alarm fire) and the mommy then complained to the manager, who posted a "warning" on our door claming that the d.s neighbors said we had been vaccuming and stomping around in the middle of the night and that we would be kicked out if the d.s. neighbors complained anymore.

    Can you say "lawsuit"? How fricking annoying! I have no idea what the deal is, and there is more I have to complain about, but this like a short novel already, isn't it? Anyhow, I just wanted to add that I have been feeding a stray cat, and now the crazy lady across the street has been yelling at me, claming that I am stealing her cat from her.

    Honestly I am not a bad neighbor. I get along very well with the neighbors who live right next door to us, who, incidently and as far as I know, have never complained about us.

    If you read this whole thing, thank you!!!!!! It makes me feel better to have gotten this off my chest.

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  3. by   RNinICU
    I have had my share of bad neighbors, too. When my boys were young, every time something happened in the neighborhood, they got the blame, just because they were boys. They were blamed for shooting at the neighbor's windows with BB guns, and they didn't even have guns. Several times one particular "gentleman" two houses down came knocking at my door at midnight, claiming they had egged his house. Only problem with his story was that they were in bed at the time. The neighbor across the street even telephoned one day and asked me to have my husband park his car somewhere else because she couldn't see into my living room window when he parked in front of the house. We moved out of that neighborhood, and haved lived in our current home for 17 years. The neighbors here are friendly and helpful, but never nosey. That's one of the reasons we have stayed here, even after all of the kids were gone and we no longer needed five bedrooms. We just don't want to give up the neighbors.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Oh, Swiftee, I feel your pain. I am currently saving toward a down payment on my own place because my white-trash neighbors are driving me nuts. They spend a great deal of time working on their many vehicles, all parked in their driveway which is directly underneath my 2nd-story living-room/bedroom wall. They also listen to a lot of heavy metal and talk radio at volumes approximately 6 times as loud as I play any electronic equipment inside my own home. It honestly seems not to occur to them that, oh, I don't know, sound travels, and I, along with their other neighbors, don't want to hear every monosyllabic word of every dumb conversation they have or every lyric of their music.

    They have startled me out of sleep at least twice with less-than-desirable results--and my bedroom window is always open in summer. One night the Trans-Am or whatever peeled in at 0330 with Metallica blaring--on a weeknight. I jolted awake, looked at the clock, and screamed, "You have GOT to be f--in' kidding me!" Another time they were having a loud, stupid conversation at 5:00 AM underneath my window ("So, headin' to work now?" "Yep, just trying' to get an early start." "Nice day, innit?" "Byootiful.") I woke up, looked at my clock, and snarled, "It's FIVE o'clock in the F--ING morning!" Each time, they would quiet down with a muttered, "Jeeze. Wasn't that loud." Oh, but it WAS, Sparky. It really, really, really, was.

    In your case, Swiftee, I would keep detailed notes of all these occurrences. Your manager sounds like she's itching to find a way to evict you and probably hoping to keep your security and cleaning deposits in the bargain. All these people may have "ganged up", but they sound much too stupid and disorganized to actually keep track of what's happening. You may have cause to be grateful that you took the time to get it all down on paper.

    And for a little levity, the most hilarious yet true bad-neighbor website ever--check it out!
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  5. by   Swiftee
    Thank you guys! I love this site.

    Stargazer, your post sounds like a day straight out of my life! 80's music jerk works on cars everday in the parking lot (perhaps THAT'S how he's paying the rent? ) and I specifically remember a conversation at 6:00am in which he and his friend spoke very LOUDLY about what a lovely morning it was....then, get this; the jerk says, "I love the peace and quiet in the morning!"

    Thanks again for reading and responding, guys. :kiss
  6. by   Lausana
    I feel your pain. I just moved out of a wild place like that...thankfully it was a townhouse so no one below/above me...but the people across the street would not even try to hide their staring out the window at me everynight...I used to ask guests to wave at them when they came to my front door

    Kids ran rampant at all hours of the night this summer, at first thinking maybe their parents work nights...nope there they are sitting on their front porch talking on the phone at near midnight while the kids run though the parking lot. :chuckle

    I did just move & now it seems we're the loud ones, it's so quiet at our end of the street...thankfully what looks like the neighborhood "Animal House" is at the other end

    Wishing peace of mind & no loud 80's music tonight...
  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    Speaking of neighbors.......

  8. by   night owl
    Remember...Love thy neighbor as thyself! I don't think God had these people in mind when he wrote that commandment!!! I know he didn't have mine in mind...Mine just don't have a clue to anything. The first day we moved in, the little girl (age-7)came knocking at my door at 9:30 PM and wanted to know if my daughter can come out and night, daughter was in bed! They (all 6 of them) went out anyway and played hide and seek. The parents? They were home...didn't care, it was normal for them. Next day daughter says Tiffany fell asleep on the bus this morning and still does to this day. They stay up till all hours of the night. Have three dogs they keep in a pen in the yard and bark constantly at anything that moves...They know that I sleep in the day and work all night. Their yard is full of stuff their dad stole from his job, The kids call on the phone anytime of day or night...2am, all day long...very hard to sleep between the dogs and the phone calls! One dog got sick 2 years ago so they just shot it with a small pistol and buried it, no vet or anything...Hillbillies I tell you! Mom is hardly ever home, always working gives them no attention...very sad. They have 11 pets in their house, daughter says it smells like a zoo! I said stay out you might catch something going in there!!! They all have mouths like truck drivers, the four year old grandson gets in trouble for beating up other kids in day care. Learned it from his abusive father beating up his mother and thinks it's normal. I could go on, but I'd really be writing a book here.
    Oh forgot to add...I bring their kids all over the place... movies, mall, the pool, Dorney Park, carnavals, but when it comes time for them to maybe bring my kid somewhere, they ALWAYS have an excuse why they can't. Ignorance And my poor daughter always ends up crying. I keep telling her ...That's it for them, they aren't real friends they just use you and I.
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  9. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Exactly why when we moved out of our apt 2 years ago I swore NEVER EVER AGAIN! I cannot stand apt life !!! When dh retires from the military, it's a home in country for us...where the nearest neighbors MAY be seen but not likely heard......I have had enuf of ignorant, rude, and trashy people being on top of me where I live. I have determined I would rather have a tiny house and lots of land; versus a BIG house on no land. I need peace!
  10. by   JailRN
    Is moving an option???

    I'm glad don't have that problem.

  11. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    And for a little levity, the most hilarious yet true bad-neighbor website ever--check it out!
    originally posted by 2ndCareerRN Speaking of neighbors.......
    Hey, is there an echo in here?
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  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    the only complaint i had with a previous neighbor was the loud music that was played, by her child, when she wasn't home and this was on the days when school wasn't in mostly. i have since moved and thus far, a great neighborhood to live in with good neighbors.
    Originally posted by Stargazer
    And for a little levity, the most hilarious yet true bad-neighbor website ever--check it out!
    Stargazer - hubby had showed me that site a few months ago when he first stumbled across it. Freakin hilarious! There's been updates since I was there last, so it was cool to find it again!

  14. by   Stargazer
    Me too! I hadn't looked at it in at least 4 months, so all the "piggy" stuff was new. LMAO!

    But c'mon, weren't the piggies cute? Awwww....