Bad habits

  1. What bad habits has nursing forced you to pick up?

    For one thing, I never used to curse like a sailor. Took up coffee in nursing school -- couldn't live without it. Bizarre sleep habits too.
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  3. by   bestblondRN
    1. Relying on coffee to get started in the morning.
    2. A cigarette or two on the way to and from work to "mellow out".
    3. A tendency to swear like a drunken sailor when I'm really angry.
    4. Snarfing down a meal.
    5. Eating all the wrong things at work because they're fast/easy.

    As my pal, Dr. Phil would say, "So, after a hard day at work you reward yourself by ingesting toxic chemicals that destroy brain cells? THAT makes a lot of sense........." referring to the smoking.
  4. by   live4today
    Nursing did not force me to take up any bad habits as I did not eat sleep and breathe my jobs........they were there as a means of survival...that's my life pretty much stayed on an even keel even while at work. I gave of myself 100% at work just like I do when I'm not at work.....for this, I am truly thankful! :kiss
    I'm seeing a swearing theme here. Why is that? I mean, I have a FILTHY mouth, but I never really attributed it to nursing. And I guess I really don't know what to attribute it to. So I wonder what makes y'all attribute it to nursing?

    Eating is my bad habit. Vending machines, crappy cafeteria, potlucks.... nursing seems to generally contribute to the shaping of my a**. (see, there's that language AGAIN!)

  6. by   adrienurse
    MY guess is that nursing just forces you to fing new words to discribe things. LOL
  7. by   indeed
    Oddly enough, nursing has made me tone down my language more often than not. Born to two of the dirtiest mouths this side of the Mason-Dixon, I really have to watch what I say, because my first instinct when something goes wrong is to let slip with words and phrases that would make Dennis Leary blush. Arh well. The only real bad habit I have picked up from nursing so far is wanting to share what I do at the dinner table

  8. by   stressedlpn
    I too can swear like a salior when I get mad, sometimes I even shock myself, smoke, and 2-3 POTS of coffee qday, along with a 6-12 pack of dr.pepper
    Originally posted by stressedlpn
    I smoke, and 2-3 POTS of coffee qday, along with a 6-12 pack of dr.pepper
    WHOA! I bet you can hear your own pulse! Holy crap!

  10. by   nakitamoon
    I would love to be able to quote cheerfulldoer,,, and say nursing gave me no bad habits,,,,part of my personality to eat/sleep my job,,,, esp, when I am the one the responsibilty falls on,,,,, either from above or below,,,,,

    Soooo never drank coffee till nursing school,,,, now I have to have it,,,, It's made and waiting for me when I wake up.....

    Terrible sleeping habits,,,,, as D.O.N.,,,, of assistied living facility,,, on call 24/7 ,,, whether or not corporate sees it that way!
    When someone calls off,,,, & I cannot find replacement,,, who is working?,,,,, me,,,,,,,

    Appropriate,,,, bowel & bladder habit,,,, when did I pee last????

    The food,,,, was out of control,,,,, bad food,,,, bad time,,,, eaten standing,,,, or on the run,,,,, Have gotten that undercontrol,,, now,,,,,

    Still working on,,,,, coffee,,, the couple of cigarettes,,,, before and after work,,,, don't get urge to smoke at home!,,,, wonder why? Dont' have time during day,,,, but car just doesnt' want to start without a cigarette,,,,,,

    As far as the swearing,,,,, Oh **** yes!,,,,, but have learned to find alternative words when speaking to family members,,, good thing they can't read my mind!,,,,, ~~Nikita
  11. by   Mkue
    i haven't picked up any "new" bad habits yet, maybe after i :chuckle
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I tend to drink a lot more than I used to.
  13. by   Janey
    Erratic sleep pattern, irregular eating habits and not maintaining
    regular contact with non-nursing friends due to shift patterns dominating my lifestyle. Thanks for reminding me to get in touch with them.
  14. by   WalMart_ADN
    oh man...the swearing with you guys too...a month after i started nursing school i was flinging out words i had previously only heard on late night TV lol...
    and the coffee thing..i'm starting to drink coffee...i hate coffee..but for some reason, i feel like i have to have it!??!??