Back from Arizona.... Woooooooot !!!

  1. :Melody:"Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit..... zur Gemuetlichkeit!":Melody:

    Yessireeeeeeee..... Oktoberfest was fun.. Mutti didn't want to leave.. told us she'd drive her own dang car home, thank you !

    Anywaaaaaaaaaaay... made it there and back, all went smoothly, (thank God!) and will tell you all about it over the next several days.. more pics to come as well!

    Got things I need to do right now, but I SHALL be back tomorrow !!!
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  3. by   muffie
    welcome back netters

    yall just might have been missed just a lil

  4. by   dianah
    welcome home!!!!

    i'm so glad the trip went smoothly, love the oktoberfest pictures!
    looking forward to hearing about the weekend at pati and roo's!

    we did miss you!!!
  5. by   sirI
    I just asked in the Good Morning thread about you, jnette.

    So glad you are home. Look forward to more piccys of everything.
  6. by   Joe NightingMale
    Welcome back!:hatparty:

    glad things went so well!
  7. by   tnbutterfly
    welcome home netters!!!! so glad your trip went well.

    looking forward to seeing more pics of your adventure.

    be sure and get some rest and do lots of special "netters things" like spending loads of time with your friends here at

    sure have missed you.

  8. by   zooz
    Welcome back, jnette!

    You've been missed.
  9. by   jnette
    The flights went VERY well... Mutti was confused the second leg of the trip out there... kept asking why the bus was driving so slow... she'd look out the window of the plane and would say "see, vee are not even moving! And look at all dat fog!"

    But she did well, and no code browns, so that was a blessing! :spin:

    Pati and Roo kept their promise and had a tall chilled White Russian waiting for me in the car when they came to pick us up at the airport. I was exhausted.. was a loooooooong day.

    Roo grilled ribs with raspberry chipotle, Pati whipped up a spinach salad and a few tiny new potatoes to go with it.. nice glass of red wine, and dinner was a joy.. as always!

    Next day (first day there) we got things organized around the house. Pati and I looked at all the photos she had brought down from Mutti's when they were cleaning out her house... old, old, OLD photos of Mutti's mother and father when they were young, etc. Awesome photos. Opa was from Yugoslavia, Omi from Austria. In the afternoon we took Mutti to the Oktoberfest. It was H-O-T that day, too. My hair was all dripping wet sweaty as you can see in the pics. Stayed there about three hours, Pati and I just HAD to get up and join in on the "chicken dance" when they played it... We just had to get rid of some stress, yanno !

    Next day it RAINED. Yeh ! Of all the many times I've been out there, it NEVER rained in Tucson. But it was nice.. had that great smell in the dusty air. Here's a pic I took the first morning at Pati and Roo's.. watching the sunrise from their front porch:

  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Welcome back jnette . .. .I'm glad you had a good time. Looking forward to more . .. .

  11. by   jnette
    Thanx, tn., Siri, Zooz, Di, Joe, Muffles...

    The rainy day we went and poked around Trader Joe's (of course!) and Pet Smart... picked up a few toys for Minnie Moo.
    Dinner that noc was grilled salmon, salad, and mushroom fettucini.. and red wine. Was soooooooo good!
    Went out back in the evening after we put Mutti to bed.. Roo built us a fire in the chiminea, and we sipped our White Russians and told silly tales and let our hair down.

  12. by   jnette
    The NEXT day it was partly sunny, so we took advantage of it and enjoyed the pool after we took Mutti to "DayBreak" for the day...(that's the wonderful Alzheimer Daycare right near where Pati lives).
    Mutti saw her old friends again, an they all welcomed here back. She has a good time there, I sure wish we had something like that here.

    So then we rushed back to the house for a little free time of our own:

    and of course...............

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  13. by   donsterRN
    It's so good to see you looking so happy!!! What a wonderful weekend; it went by way too fast, but I'm so glad you're home safe and sound! And you all look so good!

    I knew you'd drink beer at Oktoberfest! Hope you had one for me...
  14. by   jnette
    thanx, steph!

    will try to fill you all in a bit more tomorrow. need to get to bed.. been a long day here, too. unpacking, putting everything away, laundry, etc. need one good noc's rest tonight. tomorrow evening dh and i are heading down the mtn. to feast at golden corall. can't beat pati and roo's cooking, but it's yummy nonetheless!

    oh... one noc, pati cooked up alaskan king crab (fabulous!) and the next noc roo grilled ribeyes and we had leftover crablegs with it and had the most delectable surf and turf!

    brie and raspberry in filo dough for dessert..................

    here's a couple shots of their backyard:

    ok, dear friends... it's off to bed for me now! also had to drive up to meet dd for her 20 week ob check-up and ultrasound today. and we are having a boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to have a grandson! :d

    will check in tomorrow again.. gotta take minnie for her booster shots in the afternoon, but that's all i have on my agenda for the day. just going to piddle and poke around here slowly and get things back to "normal". nothing major, going to make it enjoyable. tomorrow i should get more of a feel of how nice it's going to be around here again.

    yes, we do miss mutti, but we sure need the break, too. kinda hard switching gears like this.. so i can imagine how difficult it is for her!
    pati says she hasn't asked for or about me the first time yet. out of sight, out of mind. she lives totally in the moment. poor dear.

    good night, all. glad to be back home. and with my allnurses family ! :icon_hug:

    ps.. just doesn't taste the same in a plastic cup! :chuckle
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