Bachelor Engagement OFF... What a suprise

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  3. by   fab4fan
    Wow...I sure didn't see that one coming......NOT!
  4. by   Nurse Izzy
    Yeah, you can really get to know someone well enough to decide to propose over the course of a reality TV show! (can you feel the sarcasm oozing out of that one?)
  5. by   Lausana
    What happened to the first bachelor?
  6. by   RNonsense
    I still say he should have picked Gwen!!!
  7. by   hapeewendy
    Originally posted by Lausana
    What happened to the first bachelor?

    I have it on good authority that the bachelor from the first series stole aaron away from helene

  8. by   hapeewendy
    another dream crushed..
    thanks dream killers for dashing my hopes of applying to be on ABC and find my soulmate

    how *WILL* I go on???????????

  9. by   oramar
    I did not watch that show. However, right after it was completed I saw someone discussing it on a talk show. One of the host said that she could tell the Helene was really upset when she saw the whole show herself. You see, while that was being made she did not witness him crawling all over those other women. This host said, "I can tell you right now from the look on her face when she watched him with those other women that the engagement is off."
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    So far the Batchelor is 0 for 2. The guy and gal from the first show called it off too! I say Aaron should've picked Brooke!
  11. by   emily_mom
    I didn't watch the second season, but thought the first one made a bad choice. Did you see the pic of Trista on this link with Pat Boone? WTF is up with her hair?

  12. by   shygirl
    Now I feel like I watched that stupid show for nothing! LOL

    After Joe Millionaire is over, I'm not watching anymore of these types of shows.

  13. by   delirium
    I didn't watch it.

    I haven't watched Joe Millionaire recently, either, but keep hearing about it on the radio. I'm glad the muppet is gone.
  14. by   tabbeycatt
    I knew it wouldn't last..... aaron is too cute to settle down.... hollywood, here he comes. The same thing with Trista. She is all about the glamour. Anyone watch the bachelorette? If you watched the first bachelor and now the bachelorette you will see she acts like a totally different person. It's all acting... no one can find their soul mate that way. Not with all of america watching. But I can dis the reality shows till dawn.... but guaranteed when the next one airs... I'll be hooked to the tube! LOL!