1. My husband and I both work 12h shift and are having a hard time finding child care. what does everyone else do? we both have to leave the house before 530! suggestions?
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  3. by   CodeteamB
    That's tough, as you are going to have a hard time finding a day home or care centre. Maybe a live in Au Pair? I looked into this briefly and it may be a good option for you. Good luck!
  4. by   WillyNilly
    Rotating shifts/ days. Someone is always home with family. If unable we attempt to make arrangements with family.
  5. by   classicdame
    There are a few nurses in my facility who have arranged to care for one another's kids. They work opposite rotations so can cover for one another. Other than family, your other choice would be a day-care that accepts kids prn, EARLY and LATE.
  6. by   TrophyWife
    Try finding a sitter on Care dotcom. We tried that and almost had success. Unfortunately, we started looking too close to the start of school and both our prospects got snatched up by someone the day before we were set to interview. Our issue was finding someone that only wanted 3 days a week (and varying days at that!). We also looking for just before school & after school. That was way too choppy of a schedule for most people. If you are looking for all day care you should be okay. We ended up using an unemployed neighbor. So far (knock on wood) it has been fine. Had someone before that quit with like 3 days notice. Also, do you know any stay at home moms? They might be willing to let you bring you child/children to their house for some easy cash. I had no idea how unbelievably disruptive 12 hour shifts were. I was just psyched to only work 3 days a week. So true that there's a price to pay for everything. Good luck! You are not alone. Best wishes.
  7. by   generalRN2008
    We use day care but they are only open 12 hours. If we had to we would find a sitter for other after hours until one got home. Another option is get a live in. Housing food and some spending money in trade for child care and house work.
  8. by   imintrouble
    My husband and I worked opposite shifts. There was an hour lag time between the start of one and the end of the other. It worked out well for the kids.
  9. by   MrChicagoRN
    My wife worked days, and I worked evenings for about 5 years or so, along with a babysitter available during the day
  10. by   hollie1206
    thank you all so much for the feed back! if your parents, you understand the dilemma! its so tough to have your kids herded around! I greatly appreciate the help for everyone.