avioding taxes by buying over internet

  1. Many of my friends and co-workers are shopping a particular website(located in Europe) for things they smoke and drink. They are getting stuff at a fraction of what they would cost in Pa due to fact that they are not paying taxes, state or otherwise. I would really like to try some of those wines on the website but I don't want to break the law. Foreign wines are hard to find in Pa because our State Store system is so bad on selection. I wonder where I could investigate the legalities of the situation? PS I am slightly worried about using my credit card to buy over internet but at least 5 people I know have been doing it for a year now without problems.
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  3. by   BamaGirlRN
    Hmm, I don't think it is illegal. I do know that when you are doing you state taxes for 2004, there is a place <atleast there is for AL> to claim what you spent from buying hting in other state, over hte internet and didn't pay taxes for, then you calculate up what portion of that you owe to your state.