1. How do I get a good avatar? I tried going onto change avatar but I don't see alot of the ones you guys use. Am I doing something wrong?
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  3. by   cactus wren
    Hi and welcome!!

    You have to have a certain number of posts before you can change avatars...there is a good thread in the feedback forum that explains how to do all kinds of neat stuff...not that I`ve figured tham all out....yet...still working on it.... titled...computer illileracy
  4. by   texasrain
    Thanks Cactus Wren. I'll go look there!This place sure has alot of places to explore.
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    Originally posted by cactus wren
    ...not that I`ve figured tham all out....yet...still working on it.... titled...computer illileracy
    hehehe...I get it.
  6. by   cbs3143
    Way To Go Russell, 33 days smoke free.

    Texasrain, if you have a picture of yourself, your kids, a family pet, or something else that you like, it can be reduced to the appropriate size to be used as an avatar. Let me know if you need help, or there are others who are willing to help too.

    Heather has an excellent thread on computers, I think it's the one referred to above.

  7. by   nurseleigh
    I second that, Heather is THE computer queen!

    The thread in question......

    Computer Illiteracy

    You can right click and save absolutely any picture, resize it, and use it as your avatar. There are also avatar websites. Good luck, PM me if you need help!

  9. by   emily_mom
    But doesn't she need 50 posts to get a custom avatar?

    Ahhhh yes. So busy trying to explain the technical, I overlooked the obvious.

    You have to have 50 posts to be able to use a custom avatar.

    So you have 46 moreposts. Child's play.

  11. by   cbs3143
    Actually, you can use a custom avatar after ten posts. You don't have so far to go after all

    Crap, I'm slipping. Is it custom user text that you need 50 posts for?
  13. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I think it's the "member status" thing... junior member, member, senior member.... 50 posts before you can change it to "problem member" or something like that...
  14. by   texasrain
    thanks everyone for the replies. only 5 more posts to go now!