Automatic Debiting utitility bills from your checking account each month

  1. I do have my utilities automatically debited each month from my checking account. The utility companies still send a bill. It says on the bill : "Do not pay this bill" and it also shows which date it will be paid out of my account. Electric bills that fluctuate a lot according to season, or heating bills that fluctuate, can be "averaged out by the utility company, so every month you pay the same amount. After a year, the utility company trends it up or down to more accurately reflect your monthly usage. This is free and very handy for vacations, no coming home with the utilities turned off.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Yep, I do the same thing with my electric bill.

    I'm a bit nervous about doing it with the phone bill. Seems like I hear of people making mistakes, or someone charging long distance calls to your phone. All I need is to have a $1000 phone bill deducted.

    But I have my water bill, my car payment, and insurance payments automatically taken out. I have two credit cards that I pay online as well.

    I love it.
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  4. by   OzNurse69
    My electricity bill is a little different. They actually direct debit $10 every week (and lets face it, who would notice that??), then when they send the bill out they debit any balance. I must be really good with power lately, cos I've actually been getting credits for the last 2 months!!

    3rd shift guy, with my phone bill at least, they actually send it out 2 weeks before it is due, so you have time to check it & dispute it if necessary -- if there is a dispute, they cancel the direct debit for that month.
  5. by   2banurse
    I don't do the automatic payments each month, but I do pay my utility bills, phone bill and cable bill on the computer. It is so much faster.

  6. by   debyan
    I do online banking do not have the telephone or dtv taken out monthly but do pay them online it is so much faster. My utilities are debited per the nazi utilitiy co here in NC, they have no sense fo humor on being late. (My son's tacks on a $100.00 reconnect fee where he lives, it is a killer) I have my car insurance debited can't screw up on that. I do monthly credit cards paring them down to zilch then, torching them as they get paid off. deb