Auto wreck and insurance

  1. Has anyone got advice for me about auto insurance payouts? I was involved in a wreck last Friday. Totally the other guy's fault... I was stopped at a red light- he hit a mail box, me, then another car. My beautiful truck is probably going to be written off. How do I go about getting the value (to me) of my truck from this guy. He is a high risk driver with probably minimum coverage.
    The other bad twist is I was leaving Arizona on Wednesday, 6 days after the accident to start a new assignment in North Carolina. Now no truck to tow the u-haul.
    Please have sympathy for me and hopefully some advice.
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  3. by   dianah
    Lots of sympathy (funny how we get emotionally attached to our vehicles, and yours was centrally involved at a VERY important time in your life) here, but unfortunately not much advice. Your insurance agent should be your best source of information and advice here, especially for payoffs. Was the other guy insured and did you get his insurance info? Was a police report filed? Again, what does your agent say?
  4. by   camay1221_RN
    Dianah is right, see what your insurance agent says. You'd be amazed at how some insurance companies, can their money back from someone else!

    I had someone uninsured hit my parked car once, and thought for sure that money for my deductible was never to be seen again. Much to my surprise, almost a year later, I got a check in the mail from my insurance company where they, somehow, recovered all of their money and my deductible!

    I hope this works out in your favor, and keep us updated!
  5. by   Rustyhammer
    I was rear-ended on the interstate a few years back. The guy had no insurance but I had uninsured motorist coverage and my insurance paid up.
    I'm sorry for the loss of your truck. I don't know what I'd do if I lost mine.
  6. by   colleen10
    A few winters ago I was hit by a lady only going 3 miles an hour, she ran me up onto a curb causing a lot of "unseen" damage, cost $950.00.

    This was her fourth accident in 2 months. Since it was her fault my insurance company said I basically had to go through her insurance company to get my car fixed and get a rental. Her insurance company really tried to drag it out, I was without a rental car for 3 days because the agency said that she was thinking of paying for the damages out of pocket so her premiums would not go up again. Since she was "thinking" about paying out of pocket they didn't have to assist me in anyway. It wasn't until she saw how much it was going to cost that she told the insurance company to handle it. Even then they gave me the run around about getting a rental car.

    My insurance company was no help either. I kept calling them telling them I was getting the run around and that I didn't care how long it took to fix my car as long as I had a rental which the other agency would not yet provide. The person handling my claim was never in the office and I couldn't even get my insurance agent, the person that I bought the policy from, to call me back either. Finally, right before the other person's insurance company gave me a car rental my insurance agency told me that under my insurance plan I could get a rental through them, and then they would have to go to the other ladies insurance company to be reimbursed. I believe the appropriate term is "subregation".

    The whole thing left me really bitter about insurance. I have a pretty good driving record and always pay my insurance bills. I even have my home owner's insurance through the same company and they would in no way assist me in getting my car fixed any faster.

    I guess my advice to you is to keep in contact with your insurance agency and keep bothering them til you get what you want. You shouldn't be left holding the bag on this. Depending on your insurance policy your company should be able to provide a car rental and get you a new car and then subregate back to the other guy's insurance company if things aren't moving quickly enough.

    Good luck and I'm so sorry this happened to you. I really feel for your predicament. It really is a pain when you don't have a car.

    I hope everything works out in the end.