aus, you are a baaaaaaaad girl!

  1. Where the heck are you, you mad sheila? You're as good at disappearing as spyguy, you know?

    Put the bottle down and back away slowly.....very slowly!

    Some people's kids, eh? :roll

    Have a nice hangover!
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  3. by   aus nurse
    Baaaaaaaaad???? Me????? Never!!!!!!!!!:chuckle

    Hey I aint putting this bottle down for nobody and you can't make me...IT'S MINE lol

  4. by   ats
    Get your butt in there right now, you mutton!

    Don't make me come out there and take that bottle away and have to drink it all myself and save you from a fate worse than death!

    On second, though, go ahead, make my day!
  5. by   ats
    Obviously you're one sheep who's not good at following the flock. I blame it on the scotch!

    That's ok, don't worry about me, I'll be fine, you just go on your merry way, I can always STUDY at work! :roll

    (I can, but will I?)
  6. by   moonchild20002000
    She and I were planning the wedding!Discussing decorating ideas.......
  7. by   ats
    Moon! Good morning!

    As for planning the wedding, in the cold light of day I think it might behoove us to inform your poor brother that you've mapped out his future with a woman he doesn't know exists! (Not that I'm not quite the catch, mind you! )

    But hey, if there's crab legs, Bloody Marys and dancing men scheduled, I guess I could break away from my busy schedule! Just let me know the date and time, and make sure aus stays away from the open bar, OK?

  8. by   sunnygirl272
    sorry to jump in uninvited..but did i hear the words "open bar?
  9. by   ats
    LOL sunnygirl! Welcome to girls' night -- the morning after!

    Yeah, aus offered to run the open bar at my proposed nuptials...but that would be like putting the fox in the chicken coop, I'm thinking!

    Hopefully we'll be chatting again tonight and tomorrow night, so put on your hip boots and join us!