Aus??? Mary??? Where are you?!

  1. I've looked and looked for you two on chat.....and can't find you. Are you on vacation? Maybe it's me. I haven't been on the same schedule since the wedding.

    Anyway, hope you two are doing well.
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    Maybe my turkey got them...

    Seriously, I miss chatting with them too. Mary posted here the other day, I can't remember what the thread was called, but just that she'd been real busy lately. I haven't seen aus around in just as long!

  4. by   KC CHICK
    Heather....keep that evil turkey on a leash!!
    I don't want it to get me next.

  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Do you mean Aussienurse? Yeah, haven't seen here in a quite a while... issue an alert....
  6. by   jccarolina
    OMG, Aus? Missing? The one who says "chatters never sleep!" Well, I guess she is finally sleeping. LOL. Someone get in chat and shake her puter! Throw her a something............
  7. by   Mary Dover
    KC - GIRLFRIEND!!! How the heck are ya?
    I'm still alive. I've just had so much going on for the past couple of months. My thread "Catching up" pretty much covers everything.
    My ole piece of junk computer is just not up to my standards anymore (hehe), and hopefully I'll have a new one in a few weeks that will make getting on to chat etc, less of a pain.
    How is married life? Good no doubt. Keep smiling girl. I'll be checking out the chatroom soon.
    BTW, aus and I still chat quite a bit. She's doing great.
    Great to hear from you KC! See ya.
  8. by   aus nurse
    Hey there KC my friend,

    Sorry i took sooo damm long to reply....been so busy with working fulltime and falling in love lol...i posted a thread to update ya all and coz I lurve talking bout it lol

    Congrats on the wedding..I guess by now you are an old married chick hey.......
    How's the house renovations going?

    Sure have missed you all, I won't be a stranger if only I can entice you all back into the chat room.......

    LOL Ussie, yep who woulda thought the "chatters never sleep" girl would have to get off her backside and go earn a living lol

    Heather...was that a TURKEY that bit my backside??????Ah ha!