ATV's What's the scoop?

  1. I want to buy an ATV for my kids.... half the people I talk to say "Don't get one, they're too dangerous!", and the other half say their kids loved them and had a great time on them......

    Any of you seen patients with ATV injuries? What's your opinion?
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    kids love 'em and have agreat time on them...til they decapitate themselves on an unseen wire fence or splatter their brains all over a tree...
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    It has been ATV season here for a while.
    Most of the injuries we have seen come through the door have been extremity fractures. People like to fall off of them. Although we see injuries from ATV's, I believe we see more injuries from people falling off of horses, or bicycles. Bicycle injuries seem to be more severe, this summer alone we have had 4 kids with a cracked spleen, liver, or both. The strangest ATV injury we have seen was a near drowning, the lady was in Canada and was attempting to ride up a creek bank when her ATV rolled backwards and trapped her underwater, luckily she was not riding alone.
    As with any motorized sport there are injuries, but then again people step off of curbs and break bones. If the kids are taught the proper respect, and given adequate opportunity to start slow and progress they should do fine.
    You do need to make one very hard and fast rule. If they are ever riding without a helmet (even moving the ATV into the garage) it will be taken room for leinency with this rule.
    I say get it for them and let them have fun.
    But, I started riding motorcycles when I was 12, and both daughters were riding by 10. So I may be biased.

  5. by   semstr
    WHat is an ATV?
  6. by   kristi915
    4 - Wheeler, Dirt bike, anything that's a joy ride, and not a vehicle
  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    ATV: All Terrain Vehicle:

  8. by   semstr
    wow, aren't they expensive? Is that still a childrens-playing-tool?
    Or something for the parents?
    What's wrong with a "normal"bike? you can race in the mud with that too.
  9. by   prn nurse
    Good question Semstr. The ATV is motorized and does all the work for you. The police here use them to go in the woods where there's no roads. And farmers like them to go check out the far off fences, etc. Kinda like a golf cart , but more sporty, and cheaper than a small 4 wheel drive truck. Just another toy.... $$$

    I bot them a riding lawnmower last year. They would ride it with the mower turned off , "Cause it goes faster!" Now, a large ATV can ride 4 people....the whole family can go exploring.

    We had a 38 year old female in the Neuro ICU last year...intoxicated....ATV accident....quadriplegic. A bunch of adults were drinking and out in the middle of nowhere having a "good" time on their ATV's.

    Thanks for the pictures and comments.
    Do people reallt get decapitated? I heard that once about snowmobiles.
  10. by   Rustyhammer
    Like any other tool it must be used with care and responsibility.
    We do dirt bikes over here and yes we have had accidents.
    We also have a trampoline (which some parents hate) and no serious injuries yet on either.
    They are fun!
  11. by   night owl
    You can even race those suckers and are the kids ever crazy on them!!! Seen kids flip them, get runned over by them. They have to learn to respect the machinery that's for sure. If you get crazy on them, you get hurt.
  12. by   prn nurse
    Here's the scoop we were told about trampolines....they are safe as long as only one kid at a time is on it. The risk is high when there's several and one gets bumped off. It is in the ""bumped off"" that the injuries take place. I have seen quite a few trampoline kids in the ER.

    The are actually selling "walls" to put on the trampolines now, to prevent the accidents. Has anyone used the walls?
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    Those "walls" cost more than the trampoline does.
  14. by   prn nurse
    Thanks for the info. Are there more of you with ATV's? I thought they were real common, that "everyone" had one. Most of our BB folks must be city folks.