Attn: Tennessee, Mississippi & Arkansas Nurses

  1. just wanted to make sure everyone is okay! after the last week of the dangerous storms, i was worried!

    take care!
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  3. by   misti_z
    The storms were bad, I believe a total of 11 dead.
    The tornados did come my way but it rained really bad for 2 days straight along with some lightning and strong winds. We needed the rain though the past ~2 weeks we have had fires in the mountains (some as close as 15 miles from my home ) Last week I went to North Carolina and part of the Nantahala National Forrest was on fire.....sad site.....all the locals were gathered at overlooks talking about how far away it was from there homes. Anyway hope they got some rain as well.
  4. by   nurs4kids
    <waves from below> hey! we got 'em down here too. Expecting more tomorrow and thursday. There were multiple injuries here and one fatality, I think. Not nearly as bad as the one we had a couple years ago that killed 30 something. That one was within 20 miles of my home; had family loose homes, hubby's uncle killed. I knew that area like the back of my hand. After the tornado, it looked completely foreign to me.

    Growing up, I was never afraid of storms. Now, I worry about going to work and leaving my kids with the babysitter when I know a storm's expected (like tomorrow). Have actually been debating on not working tomorrow because the babysitter doesn't have a basement, but I do. Only problem is my house is closer to the normal path of the tornadoes, so I'm not sure where they'd be safer. I guess you just pray and leave it in God's hands, eh?

    I, too, hope everyone is safe. Hang on tight, cuz they ain't over yet.
  5. by   MSO4
    A couple that I went to school with in lower AL had their trailer picked up and flipped around by a tornado, not sure of their status, I live out of state. The Md's thought he might have some spinal damage, sure hope not. Wouldnt want that for anyone.
    I dont think people appreciate life to its fullist until something like this happens.\\

    MSO4 takes the pain away