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  1. Brian,

    Just when I didn't think this site could get any better, you find some way to improve it. I like a lot of the new stuff I have seen so far. Although, I am kinda clueless about some of it, like the area with the faces when you reply, that say bold, italic etc. Also the ignore list/buddy list thingy? The quotes, that say "private message"?
    Anyways, in my one thread "what brings you here", I had talked about coming and going to this site since 12/98. I now realized why it wasn't so busy then, with myself being #143. However, I hope you don't do too much here. When I had my Mac, I would come here and read, but not mpost regulary. Then sometimes during last summer (probably after an upgrade), I couldn't get in with that old Macintosh unless I clicked and came back 10-15 mintes later. Needless to say that's a drag. Well I just got a new computer 9/00, and since have had no problems. I only hope you don't upgrade too much........I can't afford a new computer every!

    great Job!

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  3. by   Brian

    I'm glad you like the new look to the BB. There are several new options, most of which are covered in the faq :

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions page

    Dont feel bad, I'm still figuring out all the new things too I dont think the User ID # is in the order of when you registered? I am #1335?? Wassup with that?

    I'm not sure why your previous computers wouldnt work? Must have been a MAC browser thing? I have never heard those of those problems before?

    You mentioned the smiles and the code buttons like BOLD and ITALICS on the posting page...

    Those are just shortcuts. Basically, you just click smilies and they are automaticlly added to your post. Just mess around with them, you'll get it.

    Thanks again for the + feedback!

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