At War???

  1. Oh my God.... The massive attack of New York's World Trade Center means war, according to the news report... Will they need additional helath care staff there? What can we do to help?

    This is terrible.
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  3. by   Jenny P
    To all NYC and DC nurses; our thoughts and prayers are with you, please know that we all care for you and what you are doing right now in caring for the wounded. If there is anything we can do to help, even from a distance, let us know. This is so horrible..... Jt and all others, take care.

  4. by   CarolineRn
    Yes, this is horrific. Can we even begin to fathom the loss of life? We're talking about a building that holds 50,000 people on any given weekday. Not to mention the poor souls on the highjacked planes. It's awful to feel so helpless, isn't it? The only thing we can do is pray for these folks.

    I heard Tom Brokaw's statement about war. I was under the impression that the statement was that the terrorists acts' are a declaration of war, not that there has been any official statement. But remember, as far fetched as this may seem, it may not even be a terrorist group from another country. Don't forget what happened in Oklahoma city. At this point, no country has taken responsibilty.
  5. by   Mayra
    Originally posted by nightngale1998
    Oh my God.... The massive attack of New York's World Trade Center means war, according to the news report... Will they need additional helath care staff there? What can we do to help?

    This is terrible.
    Here in the Brazil we are shocked with the scenes shown in the television.Accept our votes of that everything this finishes of the best form.
    Much peace for all , sincerally

  6. by   kaycee
    Words escape me. God help the people of New York and the families of those in the planes.
  7. by   KellyandtheBoys
    God Bless all the victims and their families. This is really to terrible for words. I just pray for all involved in this terrible act.
  8. by   oramar
    some sort of line has been crossed here, this is the biggest crisis in USA history since Pearl Harbor, I shudder to think what the future will bring, you know what Pearl Harbor brought about
  9. by   fergus51
    There aren't words to express my concern, sorrow and horror at seeing this. I think most Canadians thought the US was almost invincible when it came to terrorism. I am praying for all of the workers and victims of this cowardly attack.
  10. by   P_RN
    We need to pray . This is such a horrendous event that words escape me.

    God Bless the US and her friends.

  11. by   Totone656
    Here I watch as a country is shaken to the core by unspeakable acts. On the other side of the world another country is celebrating the death of many innocents. I wait to hear if a cousin who works in the Pentagon is safe. The emotions I feel run from tears to outrage!
    All I can do is pray. Pray each family with missing love ones will hear soon all is well, but there is a place in my heart that knows the pain they will all suffer.
    What kinda of a world do we live in where life means nothing? I know whatever high being each believes in, they must face what they have done at whatever judgement day they face.
    For this country I pray we will select our actions wisely. I pray for those who lost life and limb their suffering be eased. I pray that we all set aside our differences and come together as a nation and stand united.
  12. by   moni rn
    Please, Lord, be with the victims and their families! NY, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania nurses praying for you. Praying for you to have the strength and courage to do the great job you do everyday during this horrible time! Please, Lord, be with these wonderful ladies and gentleman to be there for all the victims of these devestating acts!

    Why do things like this happen?

    Love to everyone!
  13. by   nightingale
    Prayers are all we can do for now. How horrific for the families involved in this deliberate attack. To think that a country dances in the street with joy at this terrible suffering. I will still pray for us all.
  14. by   MRed94
    I'm in the middle of Wisconsin, and I want to get in my car and start driving, just to be somewhere I can help..

    What a horrific thing. When the husband told me this morning when I wasn't awake, I didn't believe him.

    When I finally saw the extent of this thing, I just sat here with tears running down my face..........

    What can we do?

    All our friends in these areas: God go with you.