Asthma and needing to let go.........

  1. every year i go through this phase, of getting congested and my asthma getting out of hand.
    every november, and i dread it wholheartedly. when i take prednisone, i get wired, anxious, irritable and go off at the drop of a hat. i have tried to avoid it over the past week, in order to be a normal person llike anybody else.
    working in the er i have heard so many people say, oh they are such babies, etc etc. i have honestly tried. i even went out tonight, to take my mind off it.........when some alleged friends said, "what's this? what a baby? what's with the wine? drink beer like a man. well i tried to explain, the fact that the hops, barley and oats in beer and shots makes my asthma much worse, than it can be when i am having problems. i tried to explain, that wine was then only etoh alternative in this state.
    i broke down tonight and started on the prednisone, augmentin and benadryl. there is no worse feeling than not being able to breath in my book.
    i keep my pf meter with me at home. i can't even get out 150
    i feel like i am tiring out........i hate this feeling. i don't mean to let loose here, but have nobody else that i can call and tell how i feel.
    i just wanna cry.........sighs

    me :stone

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  3. by   prmenrs
    What else are you on to control the asthma? Inhalers? Oral stuff? Have you been to the asthma doc? If this is an annual event, maybe you can plan ahead next year if you work w/ him or her.

    You're not whining, you've got a REAL problem. Ever see a pt DIE of asthma? It's a very real disease. Next time you feel "tight", put a sat meter on your self--maybe that's why you're feeling so bummed.

    If you're allergic to something in the beer, don't drink the beer. If somebody has a problem w/that, sc**w 'em and the horse they rode in on.
  4. by   baseline
    Why November? Never any other time of the year? Are you suffering from allergies? Sounds like it, and I agree with prmenrs, if you have not discussed this with a need to. I don't know enough about your medications and routne treatments to say anything else........but get to see your doctor. As far as the other.....maybe you need new friends...or you need to educate them when THEY aren't in the hops..........:-)
  5. by   renerian
    Is there anyway something you are allergic to is making things worse? I lived in an old house and turned out I was like you all the time. The Dr. had me move into a hotel after needing 80mg of Prednisone to control the attacks. Within 24 hours I was fine. I was allergic to the enviornment of the house. I sold it and have been fine, very infrequent attacks, ever since. Are you on an inhaled steriod? I assume you have been allergy tested.

  6. by   karenG
    yes, I agree with the others- are you on other inhalers- are you taking them? why november? you need to see someone- a peak flow that low is worrying. ( I am an asthma specialist nurse) so see someone and get it sorted- this shouldnt be happening!!

    Have you ever tried Singulair? My hubby had a great reduction in the number of times he needed to use his rescue inhalers once he started it. In fact, we haven't even refilled the script in months.

    Interesting about the hops, barley and oats making the asthma worse, I didn't know that. Explains alot though.

    There is nothing worse than not being able to breathe. I've seen that look, and it is frightening. Take care.

  8. by   BadBird
    First of all a big {{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}, I can't imagine how bad those "alledged friends" made you feel, you should not have to explain yourself. That said, I agree with the above posts, it sure sounds like a allergic reaction, hope you check it out with your Dr. Good luck.
  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Well, I hope you feel better soon. I dont know what to say about the drinking cause I gave it up uver a 1/4 of a century ago.
    I need steroids once in a while too for another condition, but Im fortunate I dont have your side effects that you do. Me. I feel fantastic all my aches and pains go away, my golf improves. Im sorry it affects you that way.
    hang in there and good luck

    doo wah ditty
  10. by   hoolahan
    Rick, you definitely need to be on control meds, not just recue med, like albuterol. You need either inhaled cort like flovent or advair is esp nice as it is good for exercise-induced asthma since it is a combo of flovent and servent, the long-acting beta-agonist.

    Meds like Singulair are good too. I strongly agree you need to see an allergist. This is the time of the year, when the leaves fall, and molds are in abundance. You may even benefit from allergy shots, or something as simple as Rhinocort nasal spray. That was what the allergist put my son on, plus zyrtec, and he hasn't missed any school yet. When he was younger I used to pull my hair out b/c he would miss a minimum of two solid weeks a year, usus oct/nov, then again jan/feb d/t severe headaches and sinus congestion. Another friend of mine was feeling exact;y like you Rick, she was almost suicidal she felt so incapacitated by asthma and allergies. A simple nasal spray (and an antidepressant) have changed her life, and she has no trouble with it anymore.

    Not to lecture, but you know to keep your asthma under control, you have to take your control meds regulalry, not just when you don't feel well, b/c they may take 2 weeks to 2 mo to feel the full effects/benefits.

    See al allergist if you haven't already. If you have, see another one! Good luck Rick!
  11. by   ptnurse
    Bless your heart CEN35. My husband also suffers from asthma/severe allergies. I could tell you long and exhausting stories of trying to deal with his allergies, but I know you don't feel well enough for that. My advise is two fold. First, get as far away from these "friends" as you can. These people are not your friends and hanging out with them could be deadly for you. Second find the best allergy/pulmonary M.D. in your area and have him test you for allergies and research what exactly is going on with this November asthma. It was a great allergy M.D. that literally saved my husband's life a few years ago with his diagnosis. Best of luck to you and don't forget to keep us posted on how it goes for you.
  12. by   JenKatt
    Hey, we must be in the same boat. I would hate the inter too, with all the mold and cold weather. I knew sooner or later I would wind up in the Doc's office sick as a dog...
    First, find some new friends. Not being able to breathe is hard enough without someone laying some guilt on you for not being "normal". Or next time they say something, tell them to let you slowly stranger them, or hold their head under water, so they can feel what it's like. That's worked for me.
    Now if you haven't started on Singular and Advair, get your butt to a doc who knows these meds. They've made my breathing as close to normal as I've known it in awhile.
    And please don't get yourself so upset by this. Emotions and asthma run hand in hand. It's not worth it to get this upset over some borish people and a month. You can do this. Asthma can only beat you if you let it.
    PM me if you need anything.
  13. by   MollyMo
    Hi, me. I know just what you're going through. For me, it was every December. I'm from Ohio originally-just west of the Snow Belt. Right on Lake Erie. Cold air coming down from Canada. Breathing in ice crystals that melted in my nice warm already compromised lungs. Turned to liquid at the bases. Guess what happened next? Sleeping in a chair for three weeks because my lungs are so congested that I can't lay down. My solution was drastic. I moved. Finally settled on Florida. But when I go back to Ohio for Christmas, I just make sure that my mouth and nose are covered. Go see a doctor. Get a definitive diagnosis and treatment. If you live in a cold weather state, wear a mask. It will warm the air before you breathe it in. It may even block allergens while letting air through. Just a suggestion. Be Blessed, Renay.:kiss
  14. by   oramar
    You have plenty of company. I have it to. I constantly have to explain to people why I have to avoid this and that. Not very much support, not even in own family. Only people that understand are people that have it themselves. God Bless!