1. okay, you all, here it is! i promised i'd share the next letter i got, offering me money, and i promised i'd share with whomever wants a cut. here is today's letter:
    "we are members of a special committee for budget and planning of the nigeria natioanl petroleum corporation (nnpc) in west africa. this committee is principally concerned with contract awards and approval. with our positions, we have successfully secured for ourselves the sum of fifty-five million, five hundred thousand united states dollars (us$55.5m). this amount was carefully manipulated by over-invoicing of an old contract.

    based on information gathered about you, we believe you would be in a position to help is in transferring this fund (us$55.5m) into a safe account. it has been agreed that the owner of the account will be compensated with 30% of the remitted funds, while we keep 60% as the initiators and 10% will be set aside to offset expenses and pay the necessary taxes. we intend to use part of our own share to import from your country agricultural and construction machinery. this is because the present government of my country is empasising on providing food and housing for all its citizens before the next election. hence, agricultural and construction equipment are in high demand over here. we shall also need your assistance in this regard on a commission to be agreed upon when we finally meet.

    all modalities of this transaction have been carefully worked out and once started will not take more than seven (7) working days, with your full support. this transaction is 100% risk free.

    moreover, we shall need the following from you to enable usbegin the trasaction formally. this information will be used alongside other vital documents over here in preparing the necessary application for payment to the concerned quarters where payment approvals would be secured in favour of your company for the payment of our fund (us$55.5m) into your nominated account for us all. by our application, it will be assumed that this sum is being requested as payment, which is long-outstanding, for a contract, we shall claim with our position, you or your company executed for (nnpc) sometime in 1997. hence, we shall follow all the legal official protocols usually observed by foreign contractors whenever they are demanding payment for contracts executed for the government of my country.

    furthermore, immediately the final approval is granted, the fund will be transferred into your account within 72 hours, by which time my partners and i will be in your country for the final disbursement in the ratio already spelt out to you.

    please, you should endeavor to give us an account which you have absolute control over. this is very important because we would not want a situation when the money is in the account, you now tell us you would need to be authorised by another person before we can have our own share.

    you will not be required to travel out of your country, me and my partners, we travel don to your country for the disbursement of the fund, after the final transaction. we will also discuss about oil business in my country when we come down over there. because we would like to establish a joint business with you. that is we will use your name to incorporate an oil company in my country.

    besides, on the completion of this transfer, all documents used for the purpose will be withdrawn from the quarters they are dubmitted by our contacts in these offices and destroyed, thereafter. so, there will not be any problem arising from this transaction now or in the future.
    if this proposal satisfies you, please reach us only by email or my confidential telephone (234-1-7738984) for more information.

    please, treat as urgent and very important.

    yours faithfully,

    dr. henry kofi.

    clark howard, the consumer reporter from wsb radio in atlanta says that these folks are scamming americans for millions! can you believe it?! he said that they get your name and account number, clean your account out of just about every penny, and you never hear from them, or see your money again. who wants to be first to cut in on this with me?:roll
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  3. by   kaycee
    Cathy, I have gotten the same e-mail message at least twice before. I'm sorry but how dumb can people get!
  4. by   jevans
    Have to say I bin any crap like that nothing is ever given for free!
    In my work place we have just recieved a secuirty memo that warns that con men are phoning and suggesting that they are from a phone company and that they are testing the line. They ask you to key in specific numbers then they have full access to your phone line.
    It's crazy how easy it is