assembling appliances

  1. I consider myself a reasonably intellegent woman. I know how to read, therefore should be able to follow the instruction manual on an appliance to put it together. Or so it should follow.

    I bought my husband a grill for valentines day. I did not have room in the car to get a preassembled on so mine was in the box. First clue I should have had was the fact that the grill weighed more than I did.

    Step one - remove from box. Yeah right! The box was not giving the parts up. I litteraly had to tear the box away from the parts.

    Step two - Read the manual. Easy right? It is in spanish with no english version. Should have been clue #2. Called the help line. The lady at the other end started laughing and stated "you must be putting it together cause no man would even read the instructions to know they were in spanish." Proceeded to tell me that she could not help me would have to call in AM for a tech at 3.95 an hour.

    Step three - looked at pictures of putting together. figured out how to start. Put the sides on. Went to put the back on and realized had it on wrong.

    Step four - take step three apart

    Step five - put step three back together right

    Step six - put the back on

    Step seven - realize that you had it right to begin with in step three.

    Step eight - take step five and six apart.

    Step nine - put step five and six back together in the orginal position

    Step ten - go to put the handle on and realize that where 2 holes were supposed to be had 4 and put each side is different set.

    Step eleven - fix step ten

    Step twelve - take a break

    only have 102 more peices to put on it. It says takes only 90 minutes to put the whole thing together. Took that long just to get out of box. Twice that long to take a break, shed blood, and run out of curses.

    will update later on the battle

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  3. by   TazziRN
    This is why, if I get anything in pieces, I immediately hand it to my DS and say "Do!" I will never let him move out! When he gets married his bride will move into our house, or they will live next door!
  4. by   ladytraviler

    I won! the grill is now sitting in my dining room looking quite like the picture on the box. I have no idea how it will work but that is for my DH to figure out. He has everything he needs for it. I feel like I have won the superbowl.

  5. by   dianah
    lol, a big congratulations on achieving this huge success!!! i have assembled many projects myself, but never one like your grill!! it sounded so daunting (and your description was priceless!) but you did it! woot!!
  6. by   babynurselsa
    LOL, I would make sure that he sets it way out in the yard, away from the house when he lights it up.
  7. by   sirI
    I did not have room in the car to get a preassembled
    To parapharase the words of Roy Scheider:

    "You're gonna need a bigger car".

    That's the ONLY way I would have handled the need for assembly.

    Kudos to you, ladytraviler!!!!!!