Assasinations or not?

  1. for those of you that have kept up with the past and current events: you know the federal goverment and cia and, had a internal rule/law banning assasination of world leaders, and other leaders/criminals. they were "reviewing" the law/rule last week. i haven't heard anything since on this "review". so what i am asking, you think that dumping this rule/law is appropriate?

    ok i screwed up........and can't change it in this forum......also i want the poll to say.....if removed under restrictions or not?
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  2. Poll: Should the US/CIA allow for the assasination rule/law to be removed?

    • Yes

      60.00% 9
    • No

      13.33% 2
    • Depends on the person?

      6.67% 1
    • Only with presidential approval

      20.00% 3
    15 Votes