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  1. Ok I know, I have asked a LOT lately from you guys. I am sorry...but another thing weighs so heavily on my mind.

    You all read of my situation w/the tubal pregnancy. I find myself in a position where I must act. See, what happened was really unnecessary. I was at risk for ectopic pregnancy. Known risk. So when I got pg, I called the OB clinic, reported my findings, and got set up for serial beta hcg levels to be drawn to rule out ectopic or m/c. Anyhow, I am only a labor nurse and not an expert in when I had my betas drawn, the nurse tells me all is OK, I ask about an U/S to rule out ectopic. She proceeds to tell me (falsely, or uninformed, I later learn) that my beta numbers are high enough to reassure them that an immediate u/s is not necessary. Instead, I am to book an initial OB appt, which will include physical exam and initial u/s. I re-emphasize my risk and am again told this u/s is not needed at this time and that if I had an ectopic brewing, symptoms would surely have brought me to ER ......the number is WAY UP THERE (like 25,000).

    So, please dont' call me stupid, I believe this and make an appt to see OB the following week for a total workup. Well, 3 days after this, I begin to spot lightly, and friends, you know the rest of the story. I had to have open lap to remove the huge 7.5 wk gestation pregnancy.

    Now that the pain meds fog is dissipating, and my head is getting clearer, I am left w/a dilemma. I must DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS FROM EVER HAPPENING TO ANOTHER PERSON. I was LUCKY mine did not rupture. I don't want the next one to be unlucky. The doctors who treated me know the situation and assure me things are being put into place that this will not occur again. Not good enough to me. I wish to BE SURE. Trust me, it is not about vengeance or anything like this. I dont' want to personal gain. I want REASSURANCE this will never happen again.

    What do you think I should do next? I have ideas rolling around in my head, but am still not that clear-headed. I want to take swift and effective corrective action very soon. Any advice? I am not looking for free legal advice, just your ideas, ok?????? What would YOU DO IN MY PLACE?????Thank you!
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  3. by   hoolahan
    Write a letter to the quality assurance dept of your insurance company. They will then also have a heads up to watch for this practice. ??

    You could report the doc to the AMA I suppose, but it sounds like the nurse, was it a nurse really, in the office took it upon herself to make this judgement call. Since she is hired by the doc, your only recourse is to reprimand her through him, I guess. ??

    You could simply write a letter to your physician's office staff, empahsizing how you had to have unecessary surgery, and your life was placed at risk, due to a judgement call of a nurse, who should have cleared this protocol with the doctor. In fact, demand they develop a policy about this, and/or a protocol for when the physician must make a decision, not the nurse in the office. Maybe that is a corrective action that would really work.

    You sound like you are angry, but don't want to ruffle any feathers. That is big of you, and I am sure you are grateful for still being a live, but this is your body. Find another doc, and let this one have it, sincerely, and from the heart. Ask for a written apology from all parties to prevent you from suing! That will be a true punishment for any doctor.

    I don't really know if any of these are things you want to do, or would work. I know this is obvious, but you did lose a baby, and you are allowed to be angry, and to greive for your loss.

    If I were in your place? I think I would make an appt with the doc and the involved people, tell them Ihave no intention of paying for their time, they owe ME this much. Then I would vent my anger, probably cry, which they should see how much they have hurt me...loss of a baby, loss of an ovary and harder to conceive in the future, pain and suffering of having to have emergency surgery. These are legitimate complaints. Demand to be involved in the development of a policy to prevent this from ever happening again. Demand the doc give his staff an inservice, not himself, but paid for by an outsider/doctor or nurse/ lab comapny/fertility expert/ whatever costs the most! Based on how they responded, I would take other action. If they were uncaring, and did not acknowledge my pain and loss sincerely, I would sue. And I am not a sue-happy person. But wrong is wrong, and if proper remorse cannot be shown, they deserve it.
  4. by   caliotter3
    If you are this upset, why not take your concerns to an attorney that handles medical malpractice? If not a suit for malpractice, perhaps they can take action to justify your not paying the bills? Don't know, just a thought.