Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

  1. Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Army said Friday it would apologize to the families of about 275 officers killed or wounded in action who were mistakenly sent letters urging them to return to active duty.

    The letters were sent a few days after Christmas to more than 5,100 Army officers who had recently left the service. Included were letters to about 75 officers killed in action and about 200 wounded in action.

    "Army personnel officials are contacting those officers' families now to personally apologize for erroneously sending the letters," the Army said in a brief news release issued Friday night...

    Army asks dead to sign up for another hitch -
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Apparent getting killed once wasn't enough... :stone
  4. by   nuangel1
    thats terrible.
  5. by   Rep
    So insensitive...
  6. by   Cherish
    Yup thats how I got called up from the IRR in 2005...I guess HRC STILL hasn't updated their computers...Many soldiers that get called up happen to be on VA disability (I am one of them). There computers don't link up with VA and HRC wouldn't dare update there computers to actually make sense...
  7. by   bethin
    Dying once apparently wasn't good enough for the government.

    How horrible for those families who are trying to move forward.