Are you Ready For FOOTBALL??

  1. 23 days and 12 hours till the start of high school football in my town and the march to state playoffs, our fifth year expected there. They won state championships two years ago.

    This year they have a new player----my oldest son, a Senior. Only took him two years to decide to join. We have a no cut policy so he'll see a lot of bench time. "Finally taking your advice to do things so I won't have regrets later for not trying."


    The PHILADELPHIA EAGLES have a new stadium and great team so expect to see us in the playoffs this year too.

    Can you tell I like football :roll
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  3. by   nursenoelle
    I can't wait - hubs is a much happier, more content person with his NFL Sunday Ticket and Coors Light . Hubs and crew are Steelers fanatics.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    MY dh is.

    And in a way, so am I cause that means FALL and that is my favorite season of the year. I love the colors and its bounty. Yep, the smells, too. Football? Don't really give a rat's patooty but it goes w/the territory of fall, doesn't it?
  5. by   colleen10
    With great anticipation I am awaiting the start of Football season.

    I caught the "Hall of Fame" game between KC and Green Bay the other night and that got me all excited for the season.

    Unfortunately, my clinicals are on Saturdays from 7-3 so I am going to miss the bulk of the College games but I hope to catch a night game every now and then and I also hope to catch the Stillers on Sundays as a study break!
  6. by   BadBird
    I can pass on the football but I get some of my best shopping and cleaning done during football season, LOL.
  7. by   H ynnoD
    Redskins are going to go all the way,after not doing so in all most 20 years.....
  8. by   itsme
    Go Packers!!! I love Brett!!
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    I still love my Chargers, although what they were thinking when they traded Junior Seau (say-OW!) is beyond me. He was the team's heart and just won't be the same without him. I don't expect much from 'em this year, but it won't stop me from rooting for them all the way!!
  10. by   iliel
    My boyfriend went out and bought us a new TV, all he can talk about is how great the Eagles are going to look in High Definition. Being from West Chester (outside of Philly) he takes these games very seriously! Plus our roommate is from Pittsburgh, and me, well, I'm with you mjlrn97, I lived in San Diego for so long that I just have to be a Chargers girl!
  11. by   CATHYW
    YES, I'm ready for the football! I LOVE football. As someone else said, I love Fall, too, so I am happiest from Sept.-Dec.
  12. by   Momof2Bys2Grls
    Yeah Baby I myself have to say I can't wait to cheer on the Falcons!!! I have only one word for all of Ya'll (VICK) Michael that is. I'm sure some of you guys remember being punished by him last season or maybe it was to much dust in the way from him running all over the field . I am looking forward to football season because I can spend time with my husband without the children because they don't understand (LOL!!!). So bring out the chips and dip and I'll keep you guys posted with how many wins we get this season.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Yes, I am looking forward to football. However this will be the first year in 7 years that I don't have a son playing. That will be sad. I loved those games.

    My husband and I are going to continue to attend the games though. We have a toddler son who loves football and baseball.

    The only thing I don't like about football season is the realization that WINTER is around the corner. I hate winter. Gray, barren, cold, ugly time of the year.

  14. by   colleen10

    My mom calls winter in Pittsburgh the "gray bowl effect". Basically, it just looks like someone took a dull gray bowl and plopped it over the entire city. When you look up there is no sun, no clouds, just gray.

    We also ordered a new 27" screen high def. T.V. through a friend that works for Sony and is getting us their employee discount. We should be getting it in a few weeks and man! is football gonna look good on that screen.