Are you ready for the season to change and do you decorate for each?

  1. I am not a big summer person...
    I much prefer Fall! There's nothing quite like taking a walk on a cool breezey day, buying an expensive cup of strong coffee to help keep you warm, sipping it as you shuffling through the fallen leaves on your stroll!
    Around Halloween is my most favorite time of year, I love October! (hmmmm I think one of my favorite girls has a birthday around the 13th... I'm gonna have to find that thread again)
    October is like the beginning of all the fun that the change in the seasons bring!
    I put out pumpkins and fall looking stuff all around the house but I think my decorating is just a bit limited?
    I absolutely love this time of year though!
    So come on give me a few ideas on how to REALLY decorate for the season and tell me about your favorite!
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  3. by   delirium
    I have always been an autumn girl. I love it.
    I don't decorate for it, though. The only thing I do is stock up on the warm Yankee candle scents for this time of year... harvest, pumpkin, spiced cinnamon, spiced apple.... it does a lot for my home's comfort level.
    My home is done in warm, rich colors anyway.
    Sorry I can't help you... but I'm looking forward to the season changing, too.
    pssst.... October 15th. But not to worry, I usually begin the countdown at the end of September

    I love October, for reasons other than the obvious. I love the cool weather, I love getting out all of my sweaters, getting and setting out new candles, washing all the blankets and throws and placing them around the house, seeing the way my son looks in a pair of jeans after wearing shorts all summer. Do kids sprout like weeds during the summer or what?

    I don't really decorate for any season, except Christmas of course. The clean blankets and new candles just kinda help set the tone a little.

  5. by   KC CHICK
    I didn't used to like the change in seasons.....summer was my all time favorite. However, after all the 100 degree days.....I can now say that I like the seasonal changes.
    I don't decorate for them right now....would take me buying decorations to do that.

  6. by   LasVegasRN
    There is a house in this neighborhood that decorates for every season. They must not work. For spring, they have bunny's, eggs, and flowers. For summer, they have those lawn thingies that look like someone is bending over planting and lawn gnomes. For fall (AS IF WE REALLY HAVE SEASONS HERE!) they have a fall "flag" and corn thingies. For halloween they decorate their entire house in halloween stuff, and Christmas is like their big production with lights, music, angels, reindeer, etc. All this cute-sy sh*t all year long. Oops, I mean, all this cute stuff all year along.
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    I wanna see it!
  8. by   BadBird
    I absolutly LOVE the Fall, it is my favorite time of year, I do decorate like mad , pumpkins, leaves, floral arrangements, lights, nicknacks, etc... I can't wait for summer to end, I think I will put out a few decorations tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.
  9. by   Zee_RN
    Fall is my favorite season. If I could design the seasons to my taste, I'd have Late Spring then Summer then Fall then two weeks of Winter for Christmas and right back into Late Spring. Forget the slosh of early spring, forget the cold icy winters. Alas, I don't design the seasons. I could move, I guess, but I still love the mountains!

    I don't decorate for anything but Christmas, really. Maybe I'll change the colors of the diningroom tablecloth and put out some pumpkin or apple pie candles but that's about it.
  10. by   futureccrn
    My husband and I love fall! We go all out to decorate the house for Halloween and Thanksgiving! My husband loves pumpkins. I love the cooler weather.

    P.S. MY 30th Birthday is 11 days away!
  11. by   live4today
    Originally posted by futureccrn
    My husband and I love fall! We go all out to decorate the house for Halloween and Thanksgiving! My husband loves pumpkins. I love the cooler weather.

    P.S. MY 30th Birthday is 11 days away!
    Hey girlfriend!

    Happy Early Birthday to you! If your birthday is in 11 more days, that makes your birthday August 22nd! My babygirl's birthday is the same day! She will turn 26. Yeah....still a youngun to me.
    My identical twin step-granddaughters will turn 7 that same day. There are so many August celebrations in our family tree. :kiss

    Seasons: Autumn is my favorite season...then Winter....then Spring...then Summer. Here in TX...there are NO seasons...just Summer.
  12. by   Mkue

    fall is my favorite season also, as well as many others on this thread. the only thing i change as far as decorating my house is accent pillows in my family room, i have bright pink for summer and will us something a little more fallish for fall. also the halloween decor comes out end of sept.. i love halloween time.

    hello other "fall" lovers out there !
  13. by   shygirl
    I like spring because all the fresh flowers are starting to bloom. The world is sunny and bright. Put window decorations on all the windows.

    I like fall because I love the sound of leaves crunching deliciously under a new pair of boots.Have a cute rooster I put on the porch.

    I like summer a little. Mostly to go swimming and do yard work and bike riding.Decorative flags and again, window decorations.

    I like winter because of Christmas. The birth of our Lord. I like Christmas shopping. I love spiced warm cider by the fireplace, and the look on the children's faces. Totally go all out with the decorations.
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  14. by   nursegoodguy
    shygrl you love everything I love!
    Yes a rooster! I'll get a huge ceramic rooster for the front porch! I don't want to put anything in the yard, (no fence around the front) but my porch is all iron barred off! Cool Idea!