Are you considering having your male cat put down due to spraying? READ THIS!

  1. i started to post this under another thread, but l don't want anyone to miss this who might be considering getting rid of a beloved cat due to spraying.......l got my male cat toby about three years ago when he was about 6 wkx old. we made him a house pet, did everything by the book, neutered and declawed at 4 months. he did great, then about a year later when l went to work full time, he started spraying!!!had a real penchant for the bed and antique furniture l took him to the vet, no health problems. vet says l can put an extra litter box in the bedroom, make him an outside cat, see what happens, but told me he had put a lot of male cats down for this very reason . well...nothing worked, l put him out but he cried to come back in, this went on for about 6 mo. finally started thinking of giving him to humane society, figured they would end up putting him down or give him to a family who might be mean to him l actually prayed about this, l just can't bear animal cruelty....meanwhile, my parrott needed his beak trimmed and the pet store referred me to a vet who does birds....take my bird to the vet, strike up a conversation with dr.____ about toby. he told me about a drug for dogs, not approved for cats yet, but he swore it would keep him from this awful spraying....he asked me how big my cat was and sold me a bottle of clomicalm (doggy prozac). vet said he had been using on his male cat for same problem with wonderful results...when cat goes off med, he started spraying...back on...he quit.. well, it's been a full year for toby and we have been p1ss free!!!!!!!!:chuckle just wanted to pass this along to the other cat lovers......thanks
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  3. by   PJRNC2
    Happy for Toby and you! Have written down the med. Have three female cats now. Said I would never, never,never every get another male cat. (too many uretheral stone stories-three males over the last 30 yrs have had this problem) Wonder if this med would help a dog who seems to deliberatly tinkle on my friend's bed or couch. This behavior just started since there are more people visiting her post-op.
  4. by   moonchild20002000
    Thanks so much for the info! I have 3 male cats and they spray..I am just about ready to get rid of them!! But I'll give this a try.