Are you a sentimentalist?

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    Are you a sentimentalist? Do you save things? Old holiday cards (of any kind)? Old love letters? Did you press your high-school prom flower(s)? Do you have a HUGE photograph collection? And do you look at those old photos from time to time?? Do you still have your Barbie doll collection? Do you still have your Hot Wheels collection?

    If you do any of these type of things, you're probably a sentimentalist.

    I save lots of stuff. . . I still have old college notes from music college (over 20+ years old!); also have old cassette tapes of music I've written when I was a teenager (25+ years ago! ). I saved most of the holiday cards (X-mas, Valentines, etc.) given to me by Amy! And we've been married 17+ years! Still have all of my nursing books and notes from 12+ years ago. As Amy puts it, I'm a "pack rat". . . but in fact, I'm a sentimentalist. Sometimes when I'm in a bit of a sour mood, I day-dream back to more pleasant days. . . when I was a young adult or a teenager or a grade-schooler. . . and I usually find myself in less sour mood.

    I love thinking back to the days when our family used to own a small cottage on an island in Maine. We spent many-a-pleasant summer there. Warms my heart everytime I remember when I used to climb the shore's rocky edges, or wonder off on some trail in the woods during a warm summer's day. . .

    How about you? IF you're a sentimentalist, what memories, or items or precious thoughts do you store???

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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  4. by   angelbear
    I save a very few very special things but they would fit into one reg size box. My aunt took my wedding dress, the dress I wore in my fav sis wedding, a blouse my best friend gave me just before she died and a cross stitch that says a forever friends and made me a memory quilt. I like things to be useful. So I guess I am semi sentimental.
  5. by   angelbear
    Oh yea and she used pieces of my nursing grad dress. Cool idea huh?
  6. by   Tweety
    Yes, I've got a lot of things from my romance with my spouse. I used to save and collect all kinds of stuff. I moved and through a lot of stuff out, except for a bunch of pictures. Now I've started over, I've got valentine's cards, anniversary cards, etc.
  7. by   live4today
    I guess I would tag myself a "semi-sentimentalist" as I don't keep everything...just those things that really and truly touch me in a way I don't want to part with drawings given to me by my grandchildren, special "I love you Mom" cards from my kids, and one special teddy bear given to me by a young girl once upon a time.
  8. by   NurseRatchet26
    I have notes that my best friend and I passed in grade school as well as high school the first rose a boy ever gave me, and countless other sentimental souveniers. I am very much a sentimentalist.
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I still have a green-and-white handkerchief given to me by my sister's high-school boyfriend 40 years ago!

    Among my souvenirs also: the Jack-in-the-Box bag on which my husband wrote his first love note to me when we were dating 24 years ago; my journals dating all the way back to my senior year of high school; birthday and Christmas cards from my grandmother who's been dead for over 30 years; my high-school graduation cap and tassel.

    No wonder my 2-car garage only has room for 1 car. :imbar
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I have a whole shelf dedicated to special things:

    The blanket i was brought home in the hospital in. It was originally bought for my older sister who was stillborn.

    The orange baby towel i was dried with.

    2 teddy bears that belonged to my dad when he was little. They are 45 years old.

    2 salt and pepper shakers (grandma gave them to me)

    A "Nessie" toy. It's a pull-toy in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster made out of walnut wood, that has lopsided wheels, which mades the tail swing. Grampa made this, and it would be the first thing i'd grap before running out of a burning building. This thing is too cute. If i get the right lighting, i'll take a pic of it and make it into an avatar or post it on this thread.

    A cedar crate. Grampa made it too.

    Two homemade green frog stuffed animals with braided green yarn for legs. Grandma handsewed these.

    Candles, costers, and a brandy glass that Dad bought in Augsburg Germany when he was stationed there.
  11. by   H ynnoD
    I'm semi.I save things for about 20 years then throw them out.I do have some things still from childhood.My wife has all the letters I ever written her.The other day she read me a note I left for her the first and only time she ever cleaned my house before we got together.After that she moved in.
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Music has always had a sentimental effect on me. I hear a song, i get all sentimental about where i was and what i was doing.
  13. by   jnette
    Quote from LPN2Be2004
    Music has always had a sentimental effect on me. I hear a song, i get all sentimental about where i was and what i was doing.

    YES !!! Me too... most definately. And yes.. I'm a sentimentalist in every sense of the word. (not a packrat, but a true sentimentalist.)
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Our family tradition: young women are presented with a 'Hope Chest' by her family or fiance...where she can begin to collect linens and items for her upcoming marriage and family life. Kinda old fashioned but a sweet practice nontheless.

    My DH bought me mine when I was 18 and we became engaged. It is a cedar chest, and I've padded the top to double as a seat at the foot of our bed. It now stores all my memorabilia: love letters, special baby clothes and childhood items, pictures, etc. On a rainy afternoon it makes for a great trip down memory lane.
  15. by   teeituptom
    Im not sentimental
    I golf