Are the Bell Ringers a thing of the past?

  1. Went shopping a couple of times. Once today and once last week and guess what I didn't see. Those guys ringing the bells for the salvation army.
    Malls, diffenent types of stores, even wallgreens. These guys have vanished.
    Kind of nice not to be accosted actually.
    How about your town? Are they ringing for donations where you live?

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Bell ringers still heavy in my area at area malls and Kmart...seen about 15 so far this year. Was so pleased to see 19yo empty his pockets into kettle.

    Work has adopted 5 families for gifts and food basket just at our branch. Our HHA dept goes all out to organize and deliver the gifts--even did artificial trees for those without last year.
  4. by   plumrn
    I've seen them at the entrance to the mall the other day, and outside of the Wal-Mart store a few times, but not nearly as much as previous seasons come to think of it.
  5. by   WickedRedRN
    In Indiana we have bell ringers all over. The only ringers are for the salvation army as far as I have seen.Just last week we volunteered to ring at the mall for a couple of hours and took our 4yo with us. I have to say it was a very rewarding experience just watching how people react. I loved the small children with a few pennies who thrilled at putting their pennies in the pot, and it was a good experience for our daughter too!
  6. by   Tweety
    Their alive and well and ringing away around here.
  7. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    We have them here. I know, because I rang this year. First time ever. Part of my personal "do something different" campaign for better mental health.

    Here's how to help solve the "missing bell ringer" problem in your area--not just addressing the OP, but all of us.

    Call your local Salvation Army and volunteer. They don't care if you are "one of them." (I'm Catholic, wear my crucifix prominently, and they even accepted me. No application, no drug testing, no fingerprinting, just my phone number so they could call and remind me--I needed that, thank you!)

    I rang two Saturdays, for two hours at a time. It was easy. It was fun. The time went by really fast, probably because I greeted everyone, made lots of eye contact, wished everybody a good morning or a Merry Christmas, and complimented people on their brilliant beautiful children, who they were obviously raising right. Time really flies when you are having fun.

    It is a total blast. And it's not too late--they (you can) ring right up to Christmas Eve. You really do have the time. Really.

    And you get something unique, for yourself: a real wash of internal Christmas spirit.

    Look up your local chapter: