Are my blisters on...

  1. Last night my boyfriend went to a concert, we were sitting, but I wore the wrong shoes. I have 6 blisters on my feet and below my ankles, one bled really bad and I had blood dripping down my heel. WELL today they've started to puss, like this yellow stuff is seeping out of them....

    Are they infected? And if they are, what should I do? Right now I am using Neosporin, mostly for the scars but I don't think it is working....any suggestions??? They hurt too...
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    You need to go to the doctor! They'll probably give you a script for antibiotics.
    I'm not telling you what to do but if I had the same thing wrong that you are describing then I'd soak them in a tub of epsons salt water! You can buy epson salt at walmart for practically nothing!
  4. by   kristi915
    We have some, I thought about using it but didn't know if I should or not...Thanks!!
  5. by   kristi915
    OOOWWWIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just sitting here soaking my feet in epsom salt and water.....It HURTS!! AND ITCHES SO BAD!! I wanna scratch my feet off!! I'm such a baby!!
  6. by   live4today
    Hi are your feet doing today? Did you make it to the doctor yet? I've been thinking of your feet, and pray they are healing. :kiss
  7. by   kristi915
    My feet feel better, I never went to the Dr. Mom won't help me pay for it (that's a long story). We have a $20 copay which stinks for someone who can't find a job. My feet itch a little and are a little sore but they're not pussing anymore, getting dry and healing. I hope I don't have scars....I have enough already...
    Originally posted by kristi915
    I never went to the Dr, Mom won't help me pay for it
    Hmmm. I love ya Kristi and I'm sure your mom's a nice gal and all, but you're 17, and if you wanna go to the dr. for a freakin hangnail, she's legally responsible to pay for it.

  9. by   bandaidexpert
    kristi, hope your poor feet are doing better with all this good advice. Most professionals in the wound care field feel that a wound requires a moist environment to heal adequately, However, I have found that blisters on the feet heal better being left open to air. The Neosporin will take some of the pain away. The yellow fluid you are seeing is most likely WBC's and protein. Happy healing! dawn