Are foreign nurses ignored here on BB?

  1. Hey nurses,

    I 've got something really bothering me right now.
    I noticed that nurses from other countries (all but UK, Aus and NZ) are pretty well ignored by you all.
    Why is that? This didn't start on Sept. 11 th, but long before that. One of the reasons I started visiting in May 2000, but hardly ever posted, because nobody, not even moderators reacted.
    Yeah, a few days ago, a few nurses in the war etc. discussion answered, but only to not agree with me. That's fine of course, but I am getting pretty tired and fed up with this attitude.
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  3. by   fergus51
    People only answer posts they are interested in or knowledgeable about. I have found a lot of the posts by foreign nurses involve immigration questions or quesstions of hospital policy which I am not able to answer. I have never tried to ignore a foregner's post because they are foreigners. Believe it or not my posts are sometimes ignored too. I don't think my nationality has anything to do with it.

    I have been to Austria 5 or 6 times, but never met any nurses there. Can you tell me what your training is like and if nurses practice independently (like nurse practitioners) there?
  4. by   aimeee
    Gee, Renee, I am rather surprised by your perception. I certainly don't make decisions about who to respond to based on where they live.

    I'm sorry you are feeling ignored. I've certainly felt that way at times too, even in online communities where I am a well established participant. And the funny thing is, that people who I have regarded as very "popular" on line, have told me the same thing. They sometimes feel ignored nobody is responding to them.
  5. by   night owl
    we all feel ignored sometimes, but it's probably because no one has answers or they just aren't familiar with the topic. don't let it make you feel bad though, i've got a few posts that no one has answered and i'm an a m e r i c a n, but i don't let it bother me because it's ok. we have good people here and they are the best. nowhere can you go to vent, share stories, share lifes problems, laugh or cry except here. this is truely the best stop on the internet highway, and it's always open 24/7.

    i bet you'll get a whole bunch of replies to this post, but we still love you!

  6. by   realnursealso/LPN
    wouldn't want to reply to this....because i might be taken for...hmmm....LOUD? RUDE? ......
  7. by   fergus51
    Oh come on realnurse. It's a separate thread. We all offend someone sometimes.
  8. by   semstr
    wow, this is nice!
    the psst reply from that one nurse is ok, she feels offended by what I wrote somewhere else, so that's ok with me. (I know what I hear and see)

    Fergus, our training here takes three years of theory and practical work on different wards. You can start training with 17, when you've got 10 years of school (These schoolyears have to be positive, we've got an absolut diffrent way for giving notes, here we have 1-5, 5 being not fulfilled and 1 being very good), then you can start, after a test at the nursingschool.

    The training doesn't cost a thing, because either the city or the state is paying for the training of their youngsters.

    Since I am an educator myself, I could write on and on for about a week, and tell you stories about our students.
    By the way we are called: Gesundheits- und Krankenschwester
    (That means health- and ilnessister)

    Take care, I am off to work now, Renee
  9. by   Jenny P
    Renee, most of us don't answer questions we don't know anything about, so if you didn't get a response before it usually means we: 1.didn't know the answer; or 2.didn't understand the question.

    I like that Krankenschwester word! Illnessister? I'm not quite sure if that means we are sisters of illness (a scarey idea!) or assesors of illness-- I like that idea lot more!!!!!! And Gesundheit means health? We've been "gesundheit"-ing people for years and I never realized it actually meant that- here I thought it was "God bless" or something to that effect. Sometimes growing up (in the OLD days) in a small town with no foreign languages being taught in the school was a disadvantage.

    There are many times I've asked questions and had little or no response to them. I figure it's probably the way I asked the questions.
  10. by   semstr
    yes, gesundheit means health, that's our toast here, or when someone sneezes you say that too.

    Our new students started school last week and are a nice bunch (26 of them), they'll be here in school till christmas and then their first practicle training begins.
    We educators go with them for one week, 2 students 1 educator, we always start in nursinghomes, because there you learn the basics of nursing. Our nursinghomes here are either owned by federal-, state-, or towngoverment., there are private ones too, but we don't go there with our students.
    The goals and outcome for nursing in the nursinghomes, must be like ours here in school and a few of the private homes, don't fulfill these goals.
    Take care, Renee
  11. by   fergus51
    I love the German language. When you don't have a word for something you just make a longer word out of 2 words. My favorite german word was pork (swine flesh).

    You all go to school for free?! I guess I need to move to Austria to raise my kids. Here the minimum is now a 4 year program so new RNs will be graduating with Bachelors degrees.
  12. by   CEN35
    i don't read every thread and certainly do not respond to them all. i have a job two kids and a life. (that was not intended to be offensive either).
    i only ignore people i consider rude, arrogant or word describes them all.....but we are not allowed to use that word!
    anyways, i dont think i have actually ever seen a post by it would be kinda of hard to ignore something i havent seen?

    have a good day!!!!!!!!

  13. by   semstr
    it's fine really, I was pretty upset this weekend, because of a lot of things. One also being the tragedy in France where a lot of people were killed in that chemical plant.
    We have got the biggest Austrian Raffinery 5 minutes away from our place. Bll!

    But yes, education is free here for everybody, well as long as you have a workpermit and a visa.
    Since last year springsemester, university costs 5000,- Schillings pro semester (that'S about $300), but that even depends on what your parents are making.

    Primary school is always free, except the private ones, but even they charge not too much. My daughter goes to a private school and we pay about $100 a month, with a hot meal once a day.
    So yes, that's ok too.

    see you, Renee ( another German word, no 2, auf Wiedersehen)
  14. by   CEN35