Arabs in Nicaragua????!!!

  1. Have some friends who live in Nicaragua. They told me that recently there have been many young Arab men milling around the capital city of Managua. Also, there is a PLO headquarters there and Moamar Qadafi is now funding the Sandanista Party, which is trying to regain control of the country (elections in November). The Sandanista Party used to be funded by the former Soviet Union and Cuba. This is a first person account from someone who is trustworthy, reliable, does not exaggerate. So have no reason to question the accuracy of this report. Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere (Haiti being the first) and the most impoverished of all Latin-American nations. My question is--why all the Arab interest and presence in this nation???!!! Could this have something to do with Bin Laden's terror network?
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  3. by   Joules
    I'd venture to say they're definitely not there on a humanitarian mission
  4. by   donmurray
    But then we are fighting for democracy, and if another sovereign country votes in someone we may not like, that is their choice, and we must, as defenders of the democratic way, support their democratic right to do so.
  5. by   VickyRN
    Found an interesting article on the subject at the following website "Libya and Terrorism" (a bit dated, but relevant information nonetheless):

    By the way, the Sandanistas LOST the presidential election in Nicaragua this past week ( 11/5/01).

    Below is an excerpt from this:
    Aiding International Terror

    Beginning in the early 1970s, Qaddafi energetically spread his revolutionary network to include terrorist organizations worldwide. To this end, Libya granted its sponsorship to many revolutionary groups fighting any of the Western countries.

    During this period, Qaddafi established the first terrorist training camps on Libyan soil, began the flow of arms to the various terrorist organizations, and granted asylum to "wanted" terrorists.

    In November 1976, Libyan and Algerian representatives concluded a secret agreement to arm, finance and train the Basques in Spain, as well as the Britons and Corsicans in France. In December 1977, Libya convened a conference in Tripoli of Arab nations opposed to the Sadat initiative, including Algeria, Syria, Iraq, South Yemen and the PLO, as well as host Libya.

    Qaddafi transferred considerable sums of money to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and groups in El Salvador. In April 1983, a Libyan plane landed in Brazil purportedly carrying medical supplies destined for Nicaragua. Large quantities of arms were discovered in the plane's hold, for delivery to the Colombian group M19.

    The groups aided by Libya also include the IRA in the U.K. the Red Brigades in Italy; and others in Japan, Turkey, Thailand and elsewhere, as well as the various Palestinian terrorist groups.

    Qaddafi even went so far as to send Libyan troops to areas of international conflict or to the aid of the organizations he sponsored in the form of military instructors, specialized units, or combat regulars. Libya sent troops to aid the PLO in Lebanon in Mid-1981 (just before Operation Peace for Galilee began) along with SA-9 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and ZSU anti-tank weapons.

    Many terrorist organizations around the world succeed in carrying out attacks only because they enjoy lavish Libyan support. Libya provides monthly or annual payments to various organizations worldwide. It also collects a 6 percent tax on the income of Palestinians working in Libya, and transfers the money to the PLO-controlled Palestine National Fund. Libya has also made special grants to those responsible for a particular attack, or to a specific organization, in recognition of their actions. In their early 1970s, Qaddafi awarded Arafat $5 million in recognition of the massacre of Israel athletes carried out by Arafat's men at the Munich Olympics.

    Numerous terrorist organizations around the world employ Soviet-made arms, supplied by Libya. These arms include BM-21 grenade-launchers with a range of 40 kilometers, 122 mm Katyusha rocket launchers, 130, 122 and 57mm field guns (such as supplied to the PLO in Lebanon immediately prior to Operation Peace for Galilee), as well as sub-machine guns, grenades and explosives used in terrorist attacks.

    In March 1990, the President of Czechoslovakia revealed that the communist regime in his country had provided the Libyan authorities with 1,000 tons of Semtex plastic explosives. According to the Czechoslovak President, "this quantity is sufficient to support terrorism throughout the world for 150 years." Worldwide attention has also been focused at Libya's capacity for the production and storage of large quantities of nerve gas.

    Libya's embassies throughout the world serve the terrorist groups as arms supply centers with weapons transported to the embassies from Libya by diplomatic pouch. Libyan diplomats also supply terrorists with intelligence regarding possible targets, forged documents, and assistance in arranging safe-houses in the target countries.

    Many terrorists around the world receive training in Libya. Libya opened its military bases to the terrorist organizations and accepted numerous terrorists to various training courses in all fields of military expertise. PFLP leader, Ahmed Jibril, has declared: "Libya trains my men in hijacking and carrying out suicide attacks against Israel. The PFLP's pilots train on Mig-23s." Libya has also established special training camps on Libyan soil to serve hundreds of terrorists from various groups. At these bases - centering around the towns of Sinawin, Zuwarah and Tubruq - the terrorists train under Libyan, Cuban and other instructors. In addition, the Libyans help the terrorist organizations to recruit operatives, Palestinians in particular, from among their brethren residing in Libya.

    The Libyans have offered on many occasions to serve as a haven for terrorists wanted by various countries for the perpetration of attacks. Such was the case with the three murderers of the Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972, those responsible for the massacre at Athens airport in 1973, the hijackers of the Jewish immigrants train in Vienna in 1973, as well as others.

  6. by   prn nurse
    I am always sceptical when reading letters about Arabs written by Jews. I think it is difficult for a Jewish letter writer to be objective. Mr. Boaz Ganor, an employee and student at the Hebrew University in Israel, and author of the letter he wrote for an Israeli newspaper, tosses out lots of accusations, which sound very bad. But he doesn't follow through with any convictions of the so called terrorists. I am sure he has written many more letters in the past decade about terrorists in other countries. I think Israel divides the countries of the world into two groups. There is the group that financially supports them, ( the U.S.( $7,000,000,000 per year), and Britain,) and the second group="enemies & terrorists". It would be great for Americans if our world view could be that simple. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have someone paying all our bills?
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