Aquariums anybody?

  1. Anybody have any cool fish in their aquariums? I have a 29 gallon with Blue ramerzi cichlid, pretty mellow for a cichlid, kind of disapointing, but nice lookin, a peacock bass, real cool looking and can keep up with the meanist of them and 2 wicked red line snake heads that are absolutle killing machines. These bad boyz love to eat, they'll pound down 6 guppies or one big goldfish before anybody else even knows dinner has been served. 1 is 3" and the other is 5", they can get pretty big, one store here has one that is about 25" long. I'm going to get a blue lobster next time i have a spare $20 (never)

    just bought a 10 gallon for my son and we're getting fish tomorrow, he wants a shark so we'll probably get a red tip and maybe some other wimpy fish to go with it, i'll push him towards some cichlid though, i love feeding time.
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  3. by   night owl
    We've got an 10" Oscar...He's a real big boy and he's hungry all of the time...He'll eat you alive if you open the lid. Also have an 8" algae eater.My son got Oscar when he was a baby, and was only about an inch long about three years ago. He lives in a 55 gal tank. I also had a 30 gal hex. When we moved three years ago, I never put it back up. They were his tanks, but guess who cleaned them? Now you know why I didn't put up the 30 gal hex.!
  4. by   pixxel
    Used to have LOTS of fish. Two fifty-five gallon tanks: the first was loaded with african cichlids and a foot long pleco. I can't remember the names of the cichlids - there were about twenty of them at one point - some were pretty darn cool - very fun to watch them fight for certain cubby-holes in the rocks. The other tank had a few south american cichlids but otherwise it was just tropicals and a few irridescent sharks (my favorites)... oh, and one more fifteen gallon tank for two fry from the african cichlids... I had to chase them down with a net when they were less then a half-inch long in order to save them from being eaten by the others...when I finally caught them, I only had a spare goldfish bowl and had to use a desk lamp to keep the water comfortable for them. Sorta miss watching the fish after a long day, but will never miss having to clean those tanks out!
    We're still thinking about eventually getting one giant tank and getting a few jack dempsy's, oscar's, or going saltwater but only when we have the time and money for it - and that won't be for a looonnngg time....
    I didn't realize until this moment that we have things I can't spell. I think we have a 30 gallon. 2 pirahnas, and a pleco.... (ya know, one of those great big black sucker thingies.

    And of course, the various feeders.

    We used to have some chiclids, if I remember correctly, it was a special breed, bred only by the guy we bought them from. Those are some fascinating aggressive fish. Unfortunately, they were killing off the other beautiful (and expensive) fish we had, so those guys took a ride down the Toledo sewer express.

    Of course, the aquarium is a freakin eyesore and doesn't fit with my decor, and I'm just waiting for those f***ers to die!

  6. by   KC CHICK
    I don't have an aquarium 'cause I'm hard enough on house plants......let alone fish.
    I've always envied those that can keep an aquarium ALIVE. They can be very beautiful. Very enjoyable to watch.

  7. by   donmurray
    Aquarium? no, I'm Libra
  8. by   pixxel
    Heather -
    Believe me, waiting for them to die is easier then trying to kill those stupid fish when you don't want them anymore! We spent months trying to find people to take them off our hands - so when we couldn't get rid of anymore of them we decided to take their lives into our own hands. We looked on-line, talked to our fish guys at the stores we went to, and checked every book on earth and got suggestions ranging from "freeze them alive", "cut their spinal cords", "add lots of alka-seltzer to the water", and "put them in a solution of alcohol and water"..... well, to make a long story short, it was a gruesome event, and a friend that helped me still won't sit in the chair that's now in place of the tanks - he calls it "the site of the fish massacre."
    We really chose what we were told would be the most painless death, but it certainly didn't look like it. I hope no one ever calls the anti-cruelty society on me.....
  9. by   CATHYW
    I'm glad you all like your fish. I really like watching them in a clean aquarium. To me, it is like watching flickering flames or waves roll in at the beach-very relaxing.
    I have one big sticking point, though-I do not, repeat, do NOT like cleaning aquariums, therefore I do not have one. You all are just way more ambitious in the cleaning department than I am!
    Howsomever, Kewl, I DO like to fish, so if things get out of hand, give me a call...
  10. by   night owl

    Those f***er fish will live forever! trust me...
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh have I tried! We've even been close a couple of times. Tank will get all cloudy, looking almost like milk. Hubby goes off to the fish store and comes back with the right combo of medications to fix em right up.

  12. by   night owl
    clue me in on those meds...I need to...the BIG BOY
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