April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month

  1. in honor of national child abuse awareness month, i wanted to share something very deep in my heart with all of you, including a poem that i wrote several years ago regarding children. i hope you will share something special about a child/or children on this thread -- be it a poem, a child's prayer, a child's story, and/or nursing advice for those who deal with child abuse, live with it, or lived with it in the past. let's celebrate the children, and honor them for the gift that they are to the world.

    on february 25, 1994, at 5:38 one early morning, i awoke with the following message heavy on my heart regarding our nation's children. i quickly crawled out of bed to jot down my heartfelt feelings in my diary, and this is what i wrote:

    early sex, teens with babies...playing games with their lives.

    kids with drugs, selling...using...carrying guns and knives.

    drinking, smoking...diet pills, skipping meals to be thin.

    failing school, high school dropouts; trying to be "in".

    no respect for self or others,

    no time to care about their brothers.

    who will take the time to reach out to the lost children of today?

    they are children falling through the cracks. some have now grown old and gone so far astray.

    parents raising children, or children raising parents?

    doesn't "authority" live at home anymore?

    who will save our children from the casualties of this war?

    daddy's gone, momma's working; our kids are left alone

    entertained with video games, turning into mall rats, all grown up with beepers and cellular phones.

    where have all the morals gone? are they simply a thing of the past?

    the media's working overtime to ensure our kids don't last!

    parents: gain control! throw away the drugs, the guns, the knives.

    we've got to regain control in order to save our children's lives!

    respect and authority have been asleep in america way too long!

    america! wake up! stop tolerating the slack!

    we are a dying nation! it's time to start fighting back!


    if you grew up in a loving, nurturing, supportive and secure home environment, i applaud your parents for doing such a marvelous job in rearing you. but, if you grew up in a home filled with "icy emotions" where you did not feel loved, secure, or even wanted by your parents, my heart truly goes out to you...i was one of these children. adults, like myself, who grew up in an "icy environment" lost out on those warm fuzzies and loving embraces from our parents. what we lacked in the home environment, we did our best to find "elsewhere"...sometimes to our own detriment, and sometimes for the betterment of our own existence.

    it is so essential for us to teach our children -- by our own example -- positive forms of love, communication, and self-
    expression. we should really strive hard to "walk the talk" that we expect of our children. make a conscious effort to love your precious little miracles in the way that you would have wanted to be loved by your parents. give to them what you lacked by finding out how to overcome that which you have longed for from your parents, but never received. provide for them in the same manner as you would have wanted your parents to provide for you. offer them the safety and security of knowing they can come to you with anything that troubles them, or that they simply long to share with only you -- their mommy...their daddy.
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