April 30, 2009

  1. Wow, first one on the GM thread.

    I have clinicals today, the last one. Hopefully I'll hear today from my preceptor about his schedule, as the internship starts next week. Stayed up a bit late last night analyzing some research, since I haven't done much of that the last few weeks. Also need to buy some scrubs before next week too.

    Tomorrow I'm heading to school to help with an orientation meeting for the new students. To think that 2 years ago I was there too....And then I'm going to try to meet a friend downtown for lunch, if I'm not at school too long.

    Also have to head to the botanic gardens sometime soon, before all the bulbs are done blooming. A problem, given that it's going to rain most of the next week, but I'm hoping Sunday will be free
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hi Joe, have a good day with your clinical! Enjoy the garden too if you get there.

    I'm on my way to slumberland

    We had takeaway Thai for tea tonight. It was delicious! The perfect finish to a pleasant afternoon.
    We went for a drive through the hills and down through the valley amongst all the vineyards. Saw the autumn leaves changing colour and the vine leaves looked stunning with their reds and golds. After the recent rains the earth is responding beautifully and is greening up again.

    Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful thursday!

    Catch you in my tomorrow ... which will be your today's afternoon/evening

    Goodnight for now!
  4. by   dianah
    Joe, sounds like a busy day planned!
    Hope you can get out to see the bulbs, you need to feed your soul as well as your brain.

    Grace, what a nice drive!
    I can imagine the hills greening up.
    Ours are beginning to turn brown for the summer.
    But, that's the way it is.
    Your pictures yesterday of the memorial were very touching; I do agree: shame memorials are needed at all.
    And I'd go for Thai take-out any day, yum!!
    Have a restful sleep!

    I'm almost ready then am out the door for ACLS renewal.
    I didn't study a lot last nite, as I SHOULD have.
    Went to dinner with friends from work instead.
    Will cram today.

    Y'all have a good one!!
  5. by   nursemary9

    good morning, friends!!

    i'll get here before afternoon today even if it kills me!!
    i'm sitting here, typing & of course multi-tasking ( eating my oatmeal & drinking ) & didn't i just spill all over myself!!! gosh, i'm always so clumsy!!

    well, it's pouring rain here right now!!i really do hate rain!!
    another busy workday.
    mom is stable. drinking a little . one of my sil's friends, who is out of work right now, has been sitting with her while sil is at work!! how nice of her. i think we need to get her something for that kindness. maybe some flowers, but also something else. i think she won't accept money. people really can be nice!! dh was supposed to work on fixing the garage door today, but decided to put it off due to the rain. i'm glad of that just because there might be lightening.

    well got to run.
    sabby--have left you a pm; joe, you too!

    see you all later
    mary ann

    mary ann

  6. by   zuzi
    Good morning, good morning, good morning...finally I fall asleep... now is sunny, yeaaaaahy. Promise my self today to be a listener... I push out my husband to go togheter to drink a coffe on the beach.... hey, we need to talk . A therapeutic massage with "the painter" today??? He paint bodies, flowers, rainbows, very beautifull.... is a talent and a good massage therapist... well, I need and appointemnt for it and I am not in mood to have a social conversation about it, spontaneity is all....knock, knock.... do you have a opening now... and that is... I hate appointments! I dream at my concert, concert of my soul with the singer of my dreams, still no one to go with.... Did I told you that my two rainbow split out, weeeeeeell..... one of them love very much the same singer like me, and she could not aford to pay the ticket to go there, I think to buy for her one ticket and like reimbursment just to drive for me there...and let me at entrance and pick me up after, and to be happy there.... she will meet there a lot of people and hopefully she will become much more happy, and i will be happy that i did a good think and we can sing.....Nothing is much better than to see people happy! How could I ask her to come to concert to not hurt somehow her fellings... she is in very down mood now from many reasons, I a don't want to make her to fell down or cheap just I would like to make her a little happy. My granny from heaven will be happy looking at concert , is a religious tradition like charity, everything that you do in the name of someone death that you know that he/she like it, on real life, if you give food, clothes, concert tickets (loooool), will be welcomed there in heaven for your dear one. And give happines! And how my granny loved to sing, a concert ticket for charity I think that is a good one, loooool , special for someone that love the singer and could not afford to pay the ticket...

    I don't know how to ask her...to not hurt her...damn it, I wish to have american background and to know how to behave, looooool, to not be misunderstand...

    Let's sing and go out...look how a good chemistry looks...he, he, he... BEAUTIFULL....heartbeatheartbeat:heartbeat

  7. by   TopazLover
    Hello to all. I have been neglectful of checking in lately. Grace, thank you for checking in with me.
    I have been busy putting in a garden and finding a thousand uses for rhubarb. The weather has been so nice the past couple of weeks I just could not keep away from digging in the dirt.

    This weekend is a party for the wee laddie who is one year old. I made a teddy bear for him and am just finishing a cat. I get to make the deviled eggs for the party. I expect to look like one of the 3 witches in Hamlet as I boil 3-4 doz. eggs.

    Hope all have great day and eve.
  8. by   dianah
    Good to hear from you, aky.
    Happy one-th birthday to the little one!!
    Gardening?? Harrrrrrrummmmmmph! I can't grow anything, so I'm jealous of you!!

    Hi zuzi! Stay balanced and in love with love.

    I passed my ACLS renewal class, yay!
    The instructor gave me a particularly difficult megacode, I thought!!
    But oh well, I did pass!!

    We have jazz class tonite, so see y'all later!
  9. by   zuzi
    Hey Diana, of course my dear.. always in balance... but I could not go alone to concert. So and an oldy but goodie is the best approach of it, special because she is soo down now (is a long story about a life time relation broken, no kids, no pets, no job, no house, couple of friends..that is all) and because I know what that she like it, looool, I would like to make her a gift.. to see her happy, to see eyes sparkling, just a little, for me is enough! And for me is to find the perfect match for a perfect concert, you can't go at this type of concert with someone who like just symphonies, loool, , or just to be there because is trendy at this time, loool, or for just because I will pay the tickets and to take advantage is soo easy, looooool, is a concert for HEARTS, old hearts, over 40, looool. We are old Diana....want or no to recognize... we are old, he, he, he.... and we need oldies like us, looool... to go along in a easy way...without questions...
    I will ask direct... to be in love with love is good keep us up...... to be in love with someone.. could go bad... well...my choice I belive that is the correct one. Hugs.... to send you a ticket, looool???? .
    Of course NO! Love hon like always!

    Updates: when my DH heard that i will go for charity with one ticket... he said "YES i will go with you!", yupiiiiiiiiiii!
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