Apartment House Explosion

  1. So, folks, are we looking at the beginning of the newest version of terrorism? I heard on the radio yesterday evening that 'there had been an explosion at an apartment house in California that destroyed the upper two floors. No one was killed, but one person had 3rd degree burns."

    It may have been caused by something else, but we should do a heads up things of this type occur. It is my opinion that the "winter virus" that is plaguing 34 military bases in Afghanistan is some type of bacterial agent that these soldiers have come in contact with.

    Ditto, the 6 people in the apartment in NYC(?) who somehow ingested MANY TIMES the lethal dose of bacteria in food, and that the food poisoning was so virulent that, at first, authorities thought it was cyanide poisoning? These things aren't coincidences, I feel certain.
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  3. by   oramar
    You know, I can't call anyone paranoid in this case. I know it was supposed to be a gas explosion but it came right after a warning that terrorist were targeting apartment buildings. It is any wonder that people are suspicious? Whether this so called winter flu is a natural occurence or a act of terror it IS going to make it's way back to Europe and the Americas. I'll put money on it. It is not killing young healthy soldiers just making them very sick. I shudder to think what it will do in the general population.
  4. by   Stargazer
    As far as the apartment explosion is concerned, there are MANY possible causes: a gas leak, improperly stored flammable liquids, or an illegal meth lab, to name several all-too-common examples.

    It is my opinion that the "winter virus" that is plaguing 34 military bases in Afghanistan is some type of bacterial agent that these soldiers have come in contact with.
    Once again quoting directly from the International Society for Infectious Diseases:
    Feces of 4 patients and one of the contacts have tested positive for Norwalk-like virus (NLV) at the Public Health Laboratory Service Central Public Health Laboratory (by RT-PCR and/or electron microscopy), [said] Dr. David Brown. Further investigations are being undertaken. So far, bacteriological investigations have all been negative.
    I learned that there had indeed been several cases of a clinically indistinguishable malady among medics, about 36 to 40 hours after they attended the cadets with the most profuse vomiting and diarrhea.

    Unfortunately, no clinical specimens were submitted from those cases! It would appear that patients suffering from Norwalk-like viral gastroenteritis pose a significant risk for transmitting the agent to care-givers who do not practise universal precautions re: exposure to vomitus and feces.
    There has been no speculation in the ISID newsletter that this is a bioterrorist attack (and the ISDID newsletter, which is compiled from submissions by physicians and scientists from all over the world, has no problem with making such speculations when warranted!). As a bioterroristic agent, Norwalk would make a lousy weapon, considering the symptoms are usually mild to moderate and last no longer than 24-48 hours.

    Yes, we have to be aware that new terrorist attacks are possible, even probable. But I really don't see the benefit in jumping to the worst possible conclusion before all the facts are known about a situation, or even ignoring published facts in favor of a scarier interpretation.

    Chronically frightened people are not good or careful observers, and they don't generally make smart decisions. What's that great line from Men In Black? "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky animals, and you know it."

    Let's not feed the fear unless or until we know all the facts.
  5. by   prn nurse
    If you read your history books from 1940 to the present, (No reason to go all the way back to 1850 unless you're so inclined,)....you never "get all the facts" from the newspapers. There is always "an official version" printed for the public....and then there is "what really happened", printed in memo's and personal journals/ and in documents classified as "secure". Don't you know the Viet Nam war protestors were people who read the newspaper accounts and protested and said "you're liars!" They confronted President Johnson daily for years and said, "You are lying!" That war ended because a special group of people told the public, the newspapers, politicians, and generals, "the facts" you are throwing at us are lies! The mass media's power is in controlling the masses. It does not originate from a bubbly fountain of truth.
  6. by   CATHYW
    I agree, PRN. I wasn't trying to be alarmist, just a "heads up" kind of notice. You noticed that I stated that this was "my opinion," which it was and is. However, as you said, PRN, without the thinkers, we could be just swallowing a load of crap, "the party line," in other words. Medical people are supposed to be good at critical thinking, and not just go by strictly what you can see. Oftentimes, the most significant thing is obscured by something more dramatic, or flashy; aka "the red herring syndrome."
    I am not attempting to stir up, or foment, trouble, or panic. I WAS trying to get a community of professionals to look beyond the obvious, and question for themselves.
  7. by   NannaNurse
    Us know 'all the facts'????? The year is 2002, we have been sitting here in our wonderful country, free from war on our own soil for a very long time.....then...along comes a gutless, nutless sorry Son-of-a-biscuit and kills a couple thousand Americans.....We hear in the news that 'more attacks are going to certianly happen'....
    Scores of people getting sick...some here on this site were all sick with the same symptoms, but from all over????
    Warnings for days that the next attack 'could target apartments' and then a 'gas explosion' levels an apartment in Calif????
    Sure, lets not get 'carried away'.....lets all go about our business, shopping, going to the movies, etc.....just like the folks in Isreal who continue to 'go about their lives' and we hear just about every night that yet another suicide bomber has killed scores of people......
    I'm not saying we should walk around like rabbits waiting for the hunter, or stay home and live in fear.....but to try and convience ourselves that 'nothing is going to happen'...or our government will warn us or let us know????? HAHA
    We live in a crazy world with some really crazy people who want to cause as much fear and control us as possible....
    Don't walk around with your head in the sand, but walk with pride and caution...we are Americans and we fight back!
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    My greatest fear is Al-Quiada uses an apartment to assemble and detonate a 2 stage thermo-nuclear device that would erase a 5 mile radius.
  9. by   micro
    I cannot live in fear. Doesn't mean that i don't feel fear and even if i let myself become overwhelmed with fear.....but all in all.....

    I am just so small that all I can do is all I can do...........

    So I love others I come into contact with.....do not spread hatred............and wish for peace of more than words can express.........

    and if i die.......well..............

    micro is chilling and starting to climb up the other side of the mountain
  10. by   donmurray
    Mario, you are more likely to get taken out by a drunken red-light runner! Or maybe a jealous husband! LOL
  11. by   CATHYW
    Good for you, Micro! The view from the top is great, but be sure to enjoy the trip up (and back down). It's kinda like planning an awesome vacation, looking forward to it, living it, and then being a little sad when it is over.

    Mario-good to see you back again. Work been keeping you a little bit busy? LOL! I'm not trying to make you or other folks, nervous-just cautious. I use analogies all of the time-when you go to the beach, the possibility of sharks is always in the back of your mind. Consider terrorists "land sharks." Just be more aware.

    And Don, you're very likely right. Most of us will just pass off into the sunset in some very un-dramatic way. Mario, however...
  12. by   mario_ragucci
    I just think, since 9/11 was unpresidented, more is yet to come. A two-stage bomb was first thought up in the 40's. That was when it was cool to achieve limits. A "super-bomb" would be an atomic bomb (fission) reaction enclosed in a sphere of dueterium. The atom bomb would produce enough waves to initiate a fussion of H atoms, releasing enormous energy.

    H-bomb use, in this case, would be unpreceedented.

    Micro - you , like everyone else lives in fear. Fear of thermal or radiation burns from the detonation of a nuclear bomb are unknown. we're more likely to be killed with domestic, or emotional, violence, than by some air-bursted atomic missle.

    But an assembled H-bomb in a US apartment house could be the worst.
  13. by   LoisJean
    Tsk..I consider myself one of, "everyone else", and I don't live in fear or with fear. Nor do I live with my head in the sand, nor do I live on the Moon, nor do I swim in 'de Nile'.

    Humankind, of which I am part of, seems to me to be, at times, a vivid example of self will running riot. So here we are and there we are...all of us.

    My first born is, as I speak, crawling in and out of caves somewhere in the Afghanistan outback... while I, here at home base, tend to the activities of my daily living. I have many concerns but I am not afraid.
    Originally posted by LoisJean
    My first born is, as I speak, crawling in and out of caves somewhere in the Afghanistan outback... while I, here at home base, tend to the activities of my daily living. I have many concerns but I am not afraid.
    How brave of you. Words cannot express my thoughts at this moment on what you must be going through.

    I feel sort of ashamed, for on occasion I am able to dwell on the "what if's" of terrorism and give in occasionally to paranoid thoughts. I have no right.