Apartment block terror

  1. It is the middle of the night, you are fast asleep, at home in your apartment, when your world comes crashing in around you. Through the sounds of collapsing masonry, and screaming victims, you hear the roar of a departing F16, which has just targeted your building. Once you are rescued from the rubble you hear the grim totals. 15 dead. 140 injured, 21 critically. 8 children, 2 babies. Just another day on the Gaza Strip...... Who are the terrorists here?
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  3. by   tinaRN
    Originally posted by donmurray
    ...... Who are the terrorists here?
    yesterday the Israelis
    tomorrow the Palestinians
    next week the Israelis
    repeat ad nauseum
  4. by   biscuit_007
    it will never end because neither side wants it to end. four months ago i was convinced everything was the fault of israel now while i still believe israel is at fault i believe the fault is equally shared. Both sides are terrorists and they will drag the rest of the world into it. Both sides are condemmed to hell as far as i am concerened
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by tinaRN

    yesterday the Israelis
    tomorrow the Palestinians
    next week the Israelis
    repeat ad nauseum
    Exactly. When will it end? When they finish killing all of each other?
  6. by   tinaRN
    Imagine eating in a cafeteria.......................

    Well, I can't wait for the next bit of news to come
  7. by   CATHYW
    The Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of wars. Don Murray, you paint a good scenario, but what about the "problems" in Northern Ireland? They are at about the same impasse as the Palestinians and Arabs. They don't have F-16's, but manage to terrorize the innocent children and members of the opposite faith! All of the terrorists will have to answer to God one day for the things they have done.
    In the meantime, innocent people will continue to die, and innocent schoolchildren will be harrassed and ridiculed.