Anyone who goes on workmens comp in Pa is in for hassel of their lives

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  3. by   hoolahan
    As a worker's comp nurse case manager (desperately hating it and trying to find a better job) let me just say that things are not always as they seem.

    OK, many people get injured on the job, but if they are not permanently disabled, then why should they not go back to work, or find alternative employment. PA offers vocational rehab to do just that. I am not saying I doubt this man was injured, but it sure is a lot easier to sit at home and collect a check than it is to work. I have been hoodwinked by lots of fakers, which unfortunately gives the legitimate people a harder course to follow.

    Naturally his lawyer is going to make him seem like a saint! And maybe he is, but there is just not enough information in this article to make me go boohoo. Also medical bills are always paid unless the claimant has gone for some kind of alternative treatment or gotten treatment that was not authorized ahead of time. Most companies will work with you and send you anywhere or get a dozen second opinions to wrap up a case and get you back to work safely. Something is missing from this story!
  4. by   oramar
    This guy fell 90 ft. He has mental and physical trauma. His friend is dead. It is perfectly obvious to anyone that he is being cut off of benefits because this is a standard insurance ploy. They try to cut everyone off just to see if the person to will roll over. By the way, our medical exaiminer is threatening to bring manslaughter charges against certain officials of this company who failed to take proper safety measures. There is nothing unique about the treatment this man is recieving. The new workmans comp law, which is about 5 years old, is a disaster for working persons and a bargin for employers and insurance companies. It allows the companies to charge the injured workers for being at fault. You better believe they never fail to do this. I know a kitchen worker in a hospital that lifted up a lid to look under it and was badly burned by a grease explosion. The employer told her that was her fault because she lifted up the lid. What else does a cook do but lift up lids I ask you? How would you like to be in a burn ward and have to listen to that charge? That is what happened to her.